Tag Drip subscribers when new SatisMeter responses are created

Knowing how happy a user is with your products or services is vital for targeting them with the right emails and campaigns, but can get confusing when your information is in different places. This integration will automatically tag your Drip subscribers with their NPS score from SatisMeter. Whether you're checking in on unhappy customers or leveraging those who love your product, it couldn't be easier to send them the right message.

Note: If you receive a SatisMeter response from a user who is not yet a subscriber in Drip an entry will be created for them.

How this SatisMeter-Drip integration works

  1. A new survey response is received in SatisMeter
  2. Zapier tags that subscriber in Drip with their NPS rating

Apps involved

  • SatisMeter
  • Drip
Tag Drip subscribers when new SatisMeter responses are created
SatisMeter integration logo

SatisMeter is NPS feedback tool that helps you keep your customers happy.

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Drip is lightweight marketing automation that allows you to craft every interaction with your leads, trial users and customers like an artisan. Send custom emails based on user behavior and automate your marketing for a fraction of the price of the major players.

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