Send Amazon SNS messages for new OpenERP record

Looking for a better notification system for new records on OpenERP? Try out this OpenERP Amazon SNS integration with Amazon SNS for an automated solution: triggering with each new OpenERP record once active, it will automatically send new Amazon SNS messages for every one that's added from that point on.

How It Works

  1. A new record is created on OpenERP
  2. Zapier automatically sends an Amazon SNS message

What You Need

  • OpenERP account
  • Amazon SNS account
Send Amazon SNS messages for new OpenERP record
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OpenERP is an open source suite of enterprise apps that work together, letting you manage your CRM, eCommerce, Content Resources, and much more in one place.

Now known as Odoo.

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Amazon Simple Notification Service is a flexible, and fast messaging service which is fully managed. SNS is a simple and cost-effective method to message both distributed services and human recipients.

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