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28 SEPT 2023




Track: Build

Track: Attract

Track: Innovate

Track: Extend

Sam Altman


Wade Foster

CEO, Zapier

Chris Geoghegan

Vice President, Product, Zapier

Sheryl Soo

Chief of Staff and VP,

New Products, Zapier

Amanda Baker

Senior Product Manager, Zapier

Ryan Blackburn

Operations Manager, Results Grow

Kipp Bodnar

CMO, Hubspot

Nikki Bown

Product Operations Manager, Zapier

Desh Chaudhuri

Google Advertising Manager, Results Grow

Lisa Chapello

Director, Product Management, Zapier

Michelle Chu

Solutions Engineer, Zapier

Maggie Cody

Frontend Engineer, Zapier

Owen Colwell

VP of Growth, POSH

Leon Farmer

Account Manager, Results Grow

Kieran Flanagan

CMO, Zapier

Matt Grebow

Senior Manager, Enterprise Marketing, ServiceTitan

May Habib

CEO and Co-Founder, Writer

Pete Huang

Co-Founder, The Neuron

Barry Kostabi

Yoga Instructor & Fitness Expert, Wellness Coach

Steph Kley

Senior Product Manager, Zapier

Ruchira Kulkarni

Product Manager, Zapier

Philip Lakin

Co-founder & CEO, NoCodeOps

David Leszcynski

Senior Technical Support Specialist, Zapier

Noah Manger

Group Product Manager, Zapier

Dyan Meahl

Senior Sales Operations Specialist, Zapier

Carly Moulton

Head of Community Marketing, Zapier

Pari Nahata

Senior Product Manager, Zapier

Lisa Orr

Senior Product Manager, Zapier

Caleb Peterson

Senior Frontend Engineer, Zapier

Ryan Powell

Senior Product Manager, Zapier

Taylor Pratt

Group Product Manager, Zapier

Laurie M. Rauch

Backend Engineer, Zapier

Katie Redderson-Lear

Backend Engineer, Developer Platform Team, Zapier

Danny Richman

Consultant, Richman SEO Training

Reid Robinson

Lead Product Manager, AI


Lindsay Rothlisberger

Director of Revenue Operations, Zapier

Erika Satterfield

Senior Customer Success Manager, Zapier

Michael Schwab

Senior Director, Partner Solutions, DocuSign

Luke Thomas

Director of New Products, Zapier

Lars Vedo

Senior Product Manager, New Products, Zapier

Lena Yue

Manager, Marketing Operations, Zapier

Jane Zhang

Product Marketing Manager, Zapier


28 SEPT 2023



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