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Connect recipients with charitable donors through two online forms.
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This template offers an efficient solution for connecting donors with individuals in need, simplifying the donation process using two forms. With automated email notifications and user-friendly online forms, this template makes charitable giving seamless and organized for both donors, recipients, and your charity.

Why you should use this donation form template

This form template helps connect a donation request with a potential donor. Moreover, the template's automated email notifications keeps donors, your charity, and recipients informed throughout the donation process.

How the form template works

The Donation Form Template utilizes three Zapier products: Tables, Interfaces, and Zaps. It includes a website template that can be customized and easily shared with a donor and any nonprofit organization that wants to add items or people's wish lists to be claimed.

There is a form for submitting items or wish lists and a form for donors to claim a donation to provide. Most donation forms stop there, but with Zapier you not only have a form builder but also automatic emails that get sent to you and to the donor.

Wish list claim donation request

The template includes a table called "Wish Lists" that stores information about each submitted wish list or donation needs, such as the name, email, wish list details, and whether it's claimed or unclaimed. There are two forms that are included that allow wish lists to be created and a donor to claim a wish list.

A visible Table shows all unclaimed wish lists on a publicly accessible and online donation page. As soon as a donor claims a wish list, the Table updates automatically to remove the claimed wish list from view.

Internal Dashboard for managing donations

When someone submits a new wish list through the online form, a Zap triggers an email notification to you. Likewise, when a donor claims a wish list using the "Claim Wish List" form, another Zap sends an email notification to the donor with all of the details.

Who should use this template

The Donation Marketplace Template is perfect for charitable organizations, nonprofits, and community groups who need to connect donors with recipients and collect donations. Any charity could benefit if they need to have a list of items, people, or wish lists that donors can register and claim in one centralized location through a single donation form.

Key benefits of this template

This form template provides several key benefits, such as:

  • Efficient management of wish lists and donors
  • User-friendly donation form and form builder for submitting and claiming wish lists
  • Automated email notifications to keep you and donors updated
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