Announcing the Zapier Developer Platform: Join HubSpot, Podio, and 12 Others

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / August 1, 2012

This morning we are super excited to announce the launch of the Zapier developer platform. Service providers already building on the platform include HubSpot, Podio and 12 others (see below).

The Zapier developer platform lets users and vendors easily add their own apps to Zapier instead of waiting on us to build them out. App developers can instantly hook into the 60+ apps we already support plus any new ones added by building one integration rather than building out all those integrations themselves.

This saves app developers weeks to months in developer time building integrations and lets an app developer spend more time focusing on their own apps.

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Developer Platform Launch Partners

Obviously a developer platform isn't a platform if there aren't any developers. So we want to give a special thanks and point out some of the cool things that developers and vendors have already been doing with Zapier. These vendors have helped us debug and iterate our developer platform while it was in private-testing.


Hubspot logo

HubSpot offers an all-in-one marketing software platform for small and medium sized businesses.

"HubSpot is an easy, integrated and powerful marketing software platform with tools for lead management, lead nurturing, email marketing, landing pages, marketing analytics, and more. Zapier makes it possible for our customers to integrate with dozens of other services, opening up exciting new possibilities around lead management and content creation." - Jeffrey Russo at HubSpot

HubSpot supports triggers for new contacts, leads, blog articles and actions for new contacts and blog articles.

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Podio logo

Podio, now part of Citrix, is a collaborative work platform with a new take on how everyday-work gets done.

"Businesses often use Podio's collaborative work platform together with dozens of other web applications to get work done. Now, Zapier allows individuals to decide how they want information to flow between these different systems, finally enabling everyone to work the way that they want to work." - Jon Froda, Podio co-founder

Podio supports actions for new tasks and notifications.

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Instant Customer

Instant Customer logo

Instant Customer offers a completely integrated multi-channel lead capture, follow up, sales and marketing system.

Instant Customer supports triggers for new subscribers and actions for creating subscribers.

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Active Campaign logo

ActiveCampaign combines all aspects of email marketing into a single & easy to use platform.

"ActiveCampaign + Zapier allows you to establish your own integrations with other products you use and love without writing a single line of code." says Matt Thommes of ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign supports triggers for new subscribers and actions for creating subscribers.

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AgileZen logo

AgileZen is a simple, visual, and collaborative way to manage your projects. Whether you're on a team or flying solo, AgileZen helps you stay organized and always know at a glance the tasks at hand.

"AgileZen is project management software that helps you collaborate with your team and organize your work visually. Our integration with Zapier lets you work with stories, comments, and tasks through a variety of triggers and actions. This lets you integrate AgileZen easily with other applications, so you can work more efficiently." says Jayme Davis of Agile Zen.

AgileZen supports triggers for new story cards, projects and actions for story cards, comments, and tasks.

View on Zapier logo offers social, mobile & email marketing in the cloud. Add Subscribers from other apps.

"This integration is a big leap forward in simplifying [our customers] data capture methods, simply set and forget. Your Zaps will run in the background keeping your marketing database in up-to-date and ready to go." says Brenden Rawson of, supports actions for adding new subscribers.

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EmailDirect logo

EmailDirect is an email marketing tool for medium sized businesses. Coupled with traditional email marketing features, Purchase Behavior Targeting, Workflows, Advanced Filtering and Segmentation makes EmailDirect a great tool for any business.

EmailDirect supports triggers for new publications and subscribers and actions for new subscribers.

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Ronin logo

Ronin is online invoicing and time tracking for small businesses and freelancers. Ronin helps you get paid quicker and painlessly helps you manage your staff and projects.

"[With Zapier], You'll never have to go through the hassle of manually syncing clients from another app by CSV ever again." says Lu Wang of Ronin.

Ronin supports triggers for new invoices and clients and actions for new clients and expenses.

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Totango logo

Totango analyzes in real time customer engagement and intention within SaaS applications to help you grow your business.

"Using the Totango Zapier integration, online businesses can more easily integrate realtime user and usage insights into customer facing business processes. User intelligence alone is not enough. You need to act on it. Open APIs such as provided by Totango and Zapier make this possible in realtime", said Guy Nirpaz, co-founder and CEO of Totango.

Totango supports triggers for new lists.

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OnePage CRM

OnePage CRM logo

OnePage is simple CRM software that produces amazing results. It combines a proven sales methodology with the elements of CRM to greatly increase sales.

"The cloud has enabled SMEs to choose their business apps "a la carte". As such, Zapier ensures any new contacts created in other business apps appear in OnePage. Sweet." via Gosia Jasiewicz of OnePage CRM.

OnePage CRM supports actions for new contacts.

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Findmyshift logo

Findmyshift lets you create and share staff schedules from anywhere, any time in any web browser. It gives your employees 24/7 access to their upcoming shifts and can keep staff up to date with built-in text alerts.

"Zapier's "integrate once, link to many" model provides an ever expanding set of features to our core system, without the ongoing maintenance; our customers directly benefit from a range of features added by third party apps, whilst we get to focus our efforts on enhancing our own services." says Mark Feldman of Findmyshift

Findmyshift supports triggers for twenty different events and was the first to implement webhook functionality. Major props to them.

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Sazneo logo

Sazneo brings together elements of instant messaging, group chat and online communities into an enterprise group messaging application for your business.

"The partnership with Zapier will enable Sazneo users to rapidly integrate with a wider choice of platforms with no coding. This brings notifications and information from other platforms and services right into your Sazneo conversations, enabling immediate real-time team discussion and problem resolution." via Sazneo CEO Brett Davis.

Sazneo supports actions for posting messages to your group chat rooms.

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TriggerApp logo

TriggerApp is cloud software for project management, collaboration, and time tracking.

"Allowing our customers to choose exactly how TriggerApp interrelates with the rest of their online toolset means everyone gets a custom fit. Integrating with Zapier was an easy decision." says Dan Sowter of TriggerApp.

TriggerApp supports triggers and actions for new tasks, companies and projects.

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Catchwind logo

Catchwind lets you send SMS messages through a shared short code. Use List Send to burst up to 40 msg/sec. Use Single Send to send direct messages to deliver direct to mobile phones.

"Text messaging is the most widely used form of communication on mobile phones and the best way to deliver your message. Catchwind is carrier-grade technology, which means messages are delivered quickly and reliably." via Joe Vande Kieft of Catchwind.

Catchwind supports actions for both broadcast sms and direct sms.

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