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How to Get Started with Workable on Zapier

To get started with Workable on Zapier, first you will need to click to connect your Workable account to use with your Zap.

Click to connect Workable

Next, you'll be asked to log in to your Workable account:

Workable login

Once you're logged in, allow Zapier access to your Workable account:

Allow Zapier access to your Workable account

After allowing access, you can now use this account with Zapier!

Workable connection successful

What Workable Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • Updated Candidate Stage - Triggers when a candidate moves to a new stage.
  • New Candidate - Triggers when a new candidate is created. Optionally, you can specify a specific job and stage to limit by.
  • New Disqualified Candidate - Triggers when a candidate is disqualified.

Supported Searches#

  • Find Candidate - Find a candidate in your Workable account.
  • Find Job - Finds a published or closed job in your account by title.

Supported Actions#

  • Add Tag to Candidate - Adds one or more tags to a selected Candidate in Workable.
  • Create Candidate - Creates a new candidate in a Workable position.

Common Problems with Workable on Zapier

The "New Candidate" trigger isn't picking up new candidates in the job or stage I specified.#

When using the "New Candidate" trigger, users have the ability to specify an Account, Job, and Stage to watch:

zap editor

Notifications about new candidates are sent to Zapier within 5 minutes of the candidate being created. If the candidate doesn't meet all of the criteria chosen on the "Set up Workable Candidate" page at the end of that delay window, no notification is sent.

Need More Help? - Our support team is happy to help -- send us a message

Workable is a beautifully simple tool that helps you advertise jobs, screen candidates and accelerate your company's hiring process.

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