TimeCamp Integrations

  • Update your TimeCamp timesheets with new Google Calendar events

    Save your time by creating time entries directly from your calendar. Once you've set up this automation, it will capture every new event you create on Google Calendar, passing the details over to TimeCamp and adding a time entry for you so you don't even have to log in to the platform to track them all.

    How this Google Calendar-TimeCamp integration works

    1. An event is created on Google Calendar
    2. Zapier adds a time entry for it to a timesheet on TimeCamp

    Apps involved

    • Google Calendar
    • TimeCamp
  • Copy new tasks from MeisterTask into TimeCamp

    There are plenty of reasons to use different apps to manage your tasks and the time spent on them, but that doesn't mean you have to copy information between them yourself. Once this Zap is active, it will trigger with every new task added to MeisterTask, creating an equivalent task on TimeCamp so always have a tracking entry for your work.

    How this MeisterTask-TimeCamp integration works

    1. A new task is created on MeisterTask
    2. Zapier automatically copies it into TimeCamp

    Apps involved

    • MeisterTask
    • TimeCamp
  • Copy new Toodledo tasks into TimeCamp

    Ever wondered how much time you're actually spending on your everyday tasks? This integration makes it easy to track your work: Whenever you create a new task on Toodledo, Zapier will send the details to TimeCamp, setting up a matching task for you on there too so you can track time for every item you tackle.

    How this Toodledo-TimeCamp integration works

    1. A new task is created on Toodledo
    2. Zapier copies the task into TimeCamp

    Apps involved

    • Toodledo
    • TimeCamp
  • Send emails from Gmail with new TimeCamp time entries

    Keeping your associates up to date with progress of your task is vital for effective cooperation. Activate this integration, and Zapier will capture every new time entry to a timesheet on TimeCamp for you. The details will then be emailed to any recipient(s) you like on Gmail, letting everyone know how work is going to you never waste time with repetitive updates.

    How this TimeCamp-Gmail integration works

    1. A new time entry is added to your TimeCamp timesheet
    2. Zapier sends an email with the details from your Gmail account

    Apps involved

    • TimeCamp
    • Gmail
  • Create TimeCamp projects for new BitBucket repositories

    Measuring time you spend on new features or bug fixes is vital for your planning process. Save yourself the effort of setting things up by having this automation do it for you. It will trigger with every new repo you add to BitBucket and create a new project for you on TimeCamp to match it. From then on, you can be sure to always have the right place to store all your time entries.

    How this BitBucket-TimeCamp integration works

    1. A new repo is created on BitBucket
    2. Zapier creates a new project for it on TimeCamp

    Apps involved

    • BitBucket
    • TimeCamp
  • Send messages on Basecamp 3 with new TimeCamp time entries

    Optimize communication within your team, and focus on work that matters. Once active, this Zap posts a new message on your Basecamp 3 message board for every new time entry you add to a TimeCamp timesheet, ensuring everyone always knows what's being worked on.

    How this TimeCamp-Basecamp 3 integration works

    1. A new time entry is added to your TimeCamp timesheet
    2. Zapier posts a message with the details on Basecamp 3

    Apps involved

    • TimeCamp
    • Basecamp 3
  • Create TimeCamp tasks for new FogBugz cases

    If you need to get a better handle on the time your developers are spending on bugs, try this Zapier integration. After you set it up, it will trigger with every new case on your server in FogBugz, automatically creating a task to match that case on TimeCamp, so you can get right to work with detailed tracking.

    How this FogBugz-TimeCamp integration works

    1. A new case is created on FogBugz
    2. Zapier creates a new task for that case on TimeCamp

    Apps involved

    • FogBugz
    • TimeCamp
  • Create Google Drive folders for new TimeCamp projects

    While running a project, you're bound to accumulate a number of related files. After you've set up this Zapier integration, it will automatically fire off when you add a task or project on TimeCamp, creating a folder for it on Google Drive so your files can stay organized at all times.

    How this TimeCamp-Google Drive integration works

    1. A new task or project is created on TimeCamp
    2. Zapier creates a folder with a matching name for it on Google Drive

    Apps involved

    • TimeCamp
    • Google Drive
  • Post Slack messages with new TimeCamp time entries

    Collaboration requires effective communication. Let your teammates know you're working without wasting any time with inefficient reports. Once you've set up this Zap, it will post a message to a Slack channel on your behalf with all the details for each time entry you add to TimeCamp, keeping everyone in the loop even as you move on to the next task.

    How this TimeCamp-Slack integration works

    1. A new time entry is added to your TimeCamp timesheet
    2. Zapier posts a message about it in your name to a Slack channel

    Apps involved

    • TimeCamp
    • Slack

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TimeCamp Integration Details

Launched on Zapier May 1, 2015

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Task or Project") and Actions (like "Create Project") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following TimeCamp Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Create Project

Creates a new project.

Create Time Entry

Creates a new time entry.

Create Task

Creates a new task.

Update Task

Updates keywords in an existing task.

New Task or Project

Triggers when a new task or project is created.

New Time Entry

Triggers when a new time entry is created.

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