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How to Get Started with SurveyMethods

When asked, you'll want to connect your SurveyMethods account to Zapier.



Give a descriptive name to your account. This will help you distinguish between multiple SurveyMethods accounts later.

  • Enter your SurveyMethods account Login Id (which is the email address on your account).

  • Enter the API Key from your SurveyMethods account. To get the API Key:

    • Log into your account
    • Go to the "My Accounts" section in your SurveyMethods Account
    • Click on the "API" tab
  • Copy the API Key from the "API Key Management" section. If the API Key field is blank,

  • Click on the "Continue" button and Zapier will verify the details provided by you generate it by clicking on the "Generate API Key" button

If you followed the steps, you'll see a success message.


Popular Things To Do With SurveyMethods

  • Check and update Google Sheets spreadsheet rows for each new SurveyMethods response

    SurveyMethods + Google Sheets

    Try It
  • Add new completed SurveyMethods responses to AWeber as subscribers

    SurveyMethods + AWeber

  • Log SurveyMethods responses to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    SurveyMethods + Google Sheets

  • Update existing Constant Contact contacts from SurveyMethods responses

    SurveyMethods + Constant Contact

  • Send Envoy visitors a SurveyMethods survey

    Envoy + SurveyMethods

  • Create new contacts in Google Contacts for new, complete survey responses in SurveyMethods

    SurveyMethods + Google Contacts

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