shipcloud Integrations

  • Get notified by Pushbullet when shipcloud detects shipment problems

    Want to get notifications when a shipment has an issue? Let Zapier notify you via Pushbullet when the status of a shipment changes. Once set up, Zapier will automatically notify you via Pushbullet whenever an issue with a shipment is detected by shipcloud. This can aid you in providing your customers a better customer support experience since you'll be able to proactively contact your customer / the recipient of your shipment. Instead of constantly checking the shipping status, just let this shipcloud-Pushbullet automation notify you when a problem with a shipment arises.

    Note: The shipping status doesn't cover shipments which are in transit for a long time. It covers cases where the carrier notices a problem with your shipment.

    How this shipcloud-Pushbullet integration works

    1. shipcloud detects that a shipment has a problem
    2. Zapier notifies Pushbullet with the shipment details

    Apps involved

    • shipcloud
    • Pushbullet
  • Send surveys with SurveyMonkey after shipcloud shipments have arrived

    When selling goods online, you want to know how the customer liked your online shop as well as the purchase/shipping process. To make sure you're not bugging your customer before the order arrived at their doorstep, this Zapier integration will get notified by shipcloud when the shipment has been delivered and send your customer a survey using SurveyMonkey to rate the experience with your shop.

    *Note: You must have the customer's email address on your shipcloud account to use this integration."

    How this shipcloud-SurveyMonkey integration works

    1. shipcloud notices that the shipment was delivered to your customer and notifies Zapier
    2. Zapier sends out the survey from SurveyMonkey

    Apps involved

    • shipcloud
    • SurveyMonkey
  • Save created shipcloud shipping labels to Dropbox

    Do you want to save all shipping labels before printing them in a batch process and sending out your orders? Set up this Zapier integration and whenever a new label is created on shipcloud, it will be added to your Dropbox account automatically. All of your labels will be saved in one place for easy management, printing, and more.

    How this shipcloud-Dropbox integration works

    1. A new label is created on shipcloud
    2. Zapier downloads the shipping label pdf and saves it to your Dropbox account

    Apps involved

    • shipcloud
    • Dropbox
  • Create shipping labels with shipcloud from new Excel rows

    Are you managing your orders from an Excel sheet? Wouldn't it be great if you could create labels directly from the information on that sheet? This Microsoft Excel-shipcloud integration can help. Once activated, this Zapier automation will use the data from an Excel sheet (shipping address, package dimensions, weight, etc.) to create shipping labels via shipcloud automatically whenever a new row is added.

    How this Excel-shipcloud integration works

    1. A new row is added to the Excel sheet
    2. The data in the row is used to create a shipping label with shipcloud

    Apps involved

    • Excel
    • shipcloud
  • Print new shipcloud shipping labels with Google Cloud Print

    If you want to optimize your logistics process, automatically printing your shipping labels is a good way to save time. Use this Zapier integration to print every new shipping label created in shipcloud via Google Cloud Print automatically.

    How this shipcloud-Google Cloud Print integration works

    1. A new shipping label is created in shipcloud.
    2. Zapier sends the shipping label to Google Cloud Print

    Apps involved

    • shipcloud
    • Google Cloud Print
  • Create Zendesk tickets when shipcloud identifies shipment issues

    You want to make sure your customers have a good experience when ordering your products and waiting for shipping updates can be a painful process. Especially if a problem occurs at the carrier and the shipment gets stuck. Instead of waiting for your customer to contact you if there is a problem with a shipment, Zapier will automatically create a new Zendesk ticket with the details of your shipment whenever shipcloud identifies an issue with your tracking updates. That way, you can proactively contact the customer with a new ticket via Zendesk to let them know that you understand their pain and will do anything in your power to reduce the waiting time.

    Note: The shipping status doesn't cover shipments which are in transit for a long time. It covers cases where the carrier notices a problem with your shipment tracking update.

    How this shipcloud-Zendesk integration works

    1. shipcloud notifies Zapier of a shipment that has a problem
    2. Zapier creates a new Zendesk ticket

    Apps involved

    • shipcloud
    • Zendesk
  • Add shipcloud shipment prices to Visible metrics

    Using a tool like Visible is a great way to keep track of your expenses. In combination with shipcloud, you are able to track the cost of your shipping labels on a daily basis and create reports based on this data. Set up this integration and shipment prices from shipcloud will automatically increment a specified metric in Visible.

    *Note: shipcloud doesn't force their customers to disclose their purchase prices. Unfortunately, this means that if you're using your own carrier contract, the shipping costs can't be calculated so the the metric in Visible will not change. *

    How this shipcloud-Visible integration works

    1. Zapier is notified by shipcloud of a new shipment
    2. The price of the shipment gets pushed to a metric in Visible

    Apps involved

    • shipcloud
    • Visible
  • Add shipcloud shipment prices as postage expenses to FreshBooks New

    Keeping track of your postage expenses can be a hassle, so why not let this shipcloud-FreshBooks New automation handle it for you? With this Zapier integration, the price of a shipment that you created via shipcloud gets added as an expense in FreshBooks New so you won't have to do it manually.

    Note: shipcloud doesn't force their customers to disclose their purchase prices. Unfortunately, this means that if you're using your own carrier contract, the shipping costs can't be calculated and expenses will not be created on FreshBooks New.

    How this shipcloud-FreshBooks New integration works

    1. Zapier is notified by shipcloud of a new shipment
    2. The price of the shipment will be added as an expense to FreshBooks New

    Apps involved

    • shipcloud
    • FreshBooks New
  • Send shipping status updates from shipcloud via Twilio SMS

    If your customers want to get notified about new tracking status by SMS, you can use Twilio to do exactly that. Send them a message containing the latest tracking status from shipcloud with a link to the tracking page so they can read further details. Select the tracking status from shipcloud you want them to get notified about and connect your Twilio account and you'll be all set.

    How this shipcloud-Twilio integration works

    1. A new tracking status gets recognized via shipcloud
    2. A SMS with the latest status and a link to the shipcloud tracking page are send via Twilio SMS

    Apps involved

    • shipcloud
    • Twilio
  • Create a returns shipping label in shipcloud for new RepairShopr tickets

    When you get a new ticket in RepairShopr, you want the customer to be able to send in the defective item as fast as possible. You can save time and work at your end if you create a returns shipping label with shipcloud at the same time the RepairShopr ticket gets created. Just set up your location as the address where the shipment should be sent to, select a carrier to be used and you're almost good to go.

    How this RepairShopr-shipcloud integration works

    1. A new ticket gets created in RepairShopr
    2. A new returns shipment gets created using shipcloud and your desired carrier

    Apps involved

    • RepairShopr
    • shipcloud

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shipcloud Integration Details

Launched on Zapier July 9, 2016

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Shipment Status") and Actions (like "Create Shipment") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following shipcloud Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Create Shipment

Adding this action into your Zap will create a real shipment. To avoid being charged you can use your sandbox key for creating the zap and switch to the live api key once everything works fine.

Create Shipment Quote

Creates a new shipment quote.

New Shipment Status

Triggers when a status for a shipment has been reached.

Find Shipment

Get detailed information about a shipment via Shipment ID.

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Shipcloud is a shipping service provider for creating shipping labels as well as tracking shipments.