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Connect Mighty Networks to 2,000+ Apps

  • Subscribe new Mighty Network members to MailChimp lists

    Mighty Networks + Mailchimp

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  • Create new events in Mighty Networks when you add events to Google Calendar

    Google Calendar + Mighty Networks

  • Create posts in your Mighty Network from New Messages in a Slack channel

    Slack + Mighty Networks

  • Tweet articles on Twitter from new articles in your Mighty Network

    Mighty Networks + Twitter

  • Invite members to your Mighty Network when new contacts are added in Salesforce

    Salesforce + Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks Integration Details

The following Mighty Networks Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantNew Content

Trigger when someone creates a simple post, article, poll, question, or event.

InstantMember Left

Trigger when a member leaves your Mighty Network, Group, or Course.

InstantNew Member

Trigger when a member joins your Mighty Network, Group, or Course.

InstantMember Update

Trigger when a member updates their account.


Schedule Event

Schedules a new event.

Invite Members

Sends invites to join your Mighty Network.

Create Simple Post

Creates a new simple post.

Create Poll or Question

Creates a new multiple choice poll, percentage poll, hot cold poll, or question.

Create Article

Creates a new article.

Remove Member

Remove an existing member.

Connect Mighty Networks to 2,000+ Apps