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What Mandrill Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Catch Hook - Catch and trigger off of any webhook that Mandrill sends.

Supported Actions#

  • Send Email - Send an email through Mandrill's system!
  • Send Template - Send an email via a template.
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How to Get Started with Mandrill

About Mandrill's Integration#

Connecting with Mandrill#

To get started with Mandrill, first click to add a Mandrill account in your Zap.

Connect Mandrill to Zapier

Next, you'll need to name your Mandrill account in Zapier and provide your Mandrill API key.

The name only serves as a label for your assistance in Zapier. If you have more than one Mandrill account connected to Zapier, it's helpful for recognizing which Mandrill account you select.

Mandrill Name and API Key

You can find your Mandrill API Key at the bottom of your Mandrill settings index page.

Mandrill create API Key

Make sure to leave all the check marks blank like so:

Mandrill API key fields

Once you paste your API key back into Zapier and click continue, your Mandrill account will then be connected to Zapier.

Mandrill + Zapier

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How To Use Mandrill Templates

There are two options for work templates in Mandrill: template variables or merge tags.

Template Variables#

In a template like:

<div mc:edit="header">
     <h2>Thank you for your purchase</h2>
<div mc:edit="main" style="color:#000000;">
     We appreciate your business. Below please find details of your order.
<div mc:edit="footer">
     Company contact information will go here.

All you need to do is provide some template content like so:

header|<h2>Hello {{first_name}}, thanks for buying!</h2>
main|Your item called {{item_name}} will be shipped {{date}}.

Which looks something like this on the live site:

Read more at Mandrill about template variables.

Merge Tags#

If you don't want to provide HTML style template variables, you can just use simpler merge tags. For example, for a template like this:

Dear *|FNAME|*,
   Thank you for your purchase on *|ORDERDATE|* from ABC Widget Company. 
We appreciate your business and have included a copy of your invoice below.


Please let us know if you have further questions.

     -- ABC Widget Co.

You would provide merge variables like this:

invoicedetails|You bought {{item_name}} for ${{item_price}}.

Which looks like this on Zapier:

Read more at Mandrill about merge tags.

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Common Problems with Mandrill

Can I send HTML Emails with Mandrill?#

Yes! Mandrill's "Send Email" action supports HTML messages.

Can I send attachments using Mandrill through Zapier?#

We currently don't have attachment support for Mandrill at this point in time, but will hopefully be able to add that kind of functionality in the future.

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