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How to Get Started with Mailgun

About Mailgun's Integration#

  • Admin/owner permissions: Admin User Role required to acquire API Key
  • Paid/versioned account: Works on any paid Mailgun account

Connecting with Mailgun#

The first thing you'll need to do to get started with hooking up Mailgun with Zapier and hundreds of other services is to add your Mailgun Account to Zapier. Click to add a Mailgun account in your Zap.

Connect Mailgun to Zapier

You should then log into your Mailgun account to retrieve your API key and domain.

Log into your Mailgun account

After logging into your Mailgun account, both your API key and domains will be located right on the main page.

Retrieve your Mailgun API key

Next you will place your API key and domain into the respective fields under your account title field.

Zapier tests your account

Entering your API key and domain finishes the process! Your Mailgun account is now connected to Zapier.

Common Problems with Mailgun

Can I send HTML email with Mailgun?#

Yes! In the Send Email action there are fields for both an HTML body and Plain Text body of the email message.

Can I send attachments using Mailgun through Zapier?#

We currently don't have attachment support for Mailgun at this point in time, but will hopefully be able to add that kind of functionality in the future.

Can't Connect to Zapier When Using an EU Region Mailgun Account#

If you're using an EU region Mailgun account, your account isn't currently supported on Zapier at this time.

Mailgun EU Account

I'm getting a 401 error even though my credentials are correct#

  • Check if you have verified your phone number with Mailgun. This is needed to use the API
  • Check if whitelisting is enabled with the Mailgun account, this blocks unauthorized access including to the API

Popular Things To Do With Mailgun

Trigger a Slack Message for Failed Mailgun Email Deliveries

Mailgun + Slack

Try It

Send Email when new Mailgun messages fail delivery

Mailgun + Email by Zapier

Post Slack notifications of new Mailgun bounce events

Mailgun + Slack

Add Google Sheets rows when new Mailgun email is opened

Mailgun + Google Sheets

Send Mailgun emails when new events happen in your Stripe account

Stripe + Mailgun

Trigger a Confirmation Email from Complete Google Forms

Google Sheets + Mailgun

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