POST new Google Forms responses to a webhook URL

Don't let those responses linger and grow stale on your spreadsheet. Set up this Zap and they'll be pushed to any webhook-enabled destination you need the moment they come in. It will trigger whenever a new response is detected for your Google Form, automatically making a POST to your chosen webhook URL with all the data, or only specific items.

Note: To use this integration you'll need a live form that's set up to collect responses in a spreadsheet.

How this Google Forms-Webhook integration works

  1. A Google Forms response is received
  2. Zapier automation POSTs it to a webhook

Apps involved

  • Google Forms
POST new Google Forms responses to a webhook URL
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Google Forms is an easy way to collect data from the web with a simple UI and powerful editor. Works hand-in-hand with Google Sheets!

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Webhooks simply POST data (or JSON) to a specific URL every time we see something new. Webhooks can also accept data (or JSON) to kick off a workflow in Zapier.

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