Update Geckoboard Geck-o-Meter with new SurveyMonkey collectors

If you're tracking SurveyMonkey responses coming in from various channels, it can be tricky to get a holistic sense of how things are going, especially if you need to compare this with other data. This Zap can help take care of that issue and improve your visibility once you set it up: every time a new collector is added to a SurveyMonkey survey, Zapier will automatically update the values on your Geckboard widget, keeping track of all your efforts, no matter how diverse.

How It Works

  1. A new survey collector is created on SurveyMonkey
  2. Zapier automation updates a value on Geckoboard

What You Need

  • SurveyMonkey account
  • Geckoboard account
Update Geckoboard Geck-o-Meter with new SurveyMonkey collectors
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SurveyMonkey is the easiest way to create surveys and get answers. SurveyMonkey lets you whip up a survey quickly and get targeted answers from the audience you want to ask.

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Geckoboard brings all your key data together, in one place. It means you can stop spending time checking services and start monitoring your business in real-time. All of your information is available all the time, at a glance.

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