Send a monthly reminder email from Zapier

Maybe you have a team that you need to send a monthly reminder email to, or you want to remind yourself of something every month by email. This integration with the Zapier scheduling and email tools makes it easy to send yourself, or anyone else, a monthly reminder email with any content that you want.

How It Works

  1. It reaches the day and time of the month that you choose
  2. Zapier sends an email with the content you want

What You Need

  • Nothing! Just an email address to send to
Send a monthly reminder email from Zapier
Schedule by Zapier integration logo

Schedule is a native Zapier app you can use for recurring tasks. Trigger an action every day of the month, every day of the week or every single day. You can also select the hour of the day. If you're a developer, this is similar to a crontab, cronjob or cron.

Email by Zapier integration logo

Send and receive email via a custom Zapier email address at This is great for triggering off of emails and sending custom emails. (Max of 10 email sends per hour.)

Have direct access to your own email servers? Check out our IMAP and SMTP services!

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