Create new Ryver posts via email

With this Zapier automation, you can create an email address associated with Teams/Forums in Ryver so that you can send an email to create a post in Ryver. After you set it up, you can start creating posts in Ryver by sending emails to a Email by Zapier email address.

How this Email by Zapier-Ryver integration works

  1. A new email is sent to a Email by Zapier email address
  2. Zapier creates a new post in Ryver

Apps involved

  • Email by Zapier
  • Ryver
Create new Ryver posts via email
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Send and receive email via a custom Zapier email address at This is great for triggering off of emails and sending custom emails. (Max of 10 email sends per hour.)

Have direct access to your own email servers? Check out our IMAP and SMTP services!

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Ryver is a new, more powerful way to communicate with your team(s). Ryver combines the freedom and immediacy of chat with the organization and power of posts and comments. Also included is file organization within the context of the team, project or discussion in which they are shared.

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