ClockShark Integrations

  • Add new ClockShark clock-ins to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    Wouldn't it be nice if reports would generate themselves? With Zapier, they can. Once you set up this ClockShark-Google Sheets integration, a spreadsheet will auto-populate with each employee's name and time when they clock in with ClockShark. When you need to review the time employees clocked in for work, there will be an easy summary report ready and waiting for you!

    How this ClockShark-Google Sheets integration works

    1. An employee clocks in with ClockShark
    2. Google Sheets adds that employee's name and clock-in time to a new row

    Apps involved

    • ClockShark
    • Google Sheets
  • Receive Gmail emails when a new clock-out is recorded in ClockShark

    If you worry about employees forgetting to clock out from their work day, cast those worries aside. With Zapier's ClockShark-Gmail integration, you can receive a new email each time an employee punches out of work. Along with your finely-tuned powers of deduction, this integration allows you to know who is off the clock, and who is still hard at work.

    How this ClockShark-Gmail integration works

    1. An employee clocks out with ClockShark
    2. Zapier sends an email to the administrator using Gmail

    Apps involved

    • ClockShark
    • Gmail
  • Add new ClockShark schedules to Google Calendar as events

    If you keep track of your company's upcoming jobs in Google Calendar, you've probably been entering each jobs twice. First in ClockShark, and then in Google Calendar. Now you can use Zapier to do that heavy-lifting for you. With the ClockShark-Google Calendar integration, new schedules in ClockShark will appear as new events in Google Calendars, saving you energy and time, while letting anyone with access to the Google Calendar see upcoming work.

    How this ClockShark-Google Calendar integration works

    1. A new schedule is created in ClockShark
    2. Zapier creates a new event in Google Calendar

    Apps involved

    • ClockShark -Google Calendar
  • Add new ClockShark jobs to a Smartsheet spreadsheet as rows

    With Zapier's ClockShark-Smartsheet integration, each new ClockShark job will appear in a Smartsheet as a new row, providing you with a real time report of which jobs are in ClockShark.

    How this ClockShark-Smartsheet integration works

    1. A new job is added to ClockShark
    2. Zapier creates a new row in a Smartsheet spreadsheet

    Apps involved

    • ClockShark
    • Smartsheet
  • Send new ClockShark notifications as a message in a Slack channel

    Fear of missing out: we've all got FOMO. But with Zapier's ClockShark-Slack integration, you can stop loitering in your ClockShark account, just waiting for something exciting to happen. Anytime a new notification occurs in ClockShark, Zapier will post a message to a selected Slack channel, keeping you in the know. Get hyped because you're about to say farewell to FOMO forever!

    How this ClockShark-Slack integration works

    1. A notification occurs in ClockShark
    2. Zapier posts a message in a Slack channel

    Apps involved

    • ClockShark
    • Slack
  • Add new ClockShark tasks to Trello as cards

    Using Trello to manage projects alongside ClockShark? Instead of manually adding every ClockShark task to your Trello board, let Zapier create a new Trello card each time a new ClockShark task is created. Huge disclaimer though: only use this integration if you want to save yourself lots of time and unnecessary clicking.

    How this ClockShark-Trello integration works

    1. A new task is created in ClockShark
    2. Zapier adds the new task to Trello as a card

    Apps involved

    • ClockShark
    • Trello
  • Add new Asana projects to ClockShark as jobs

    Are you tired of entering your projects twice: once in Asana, and again in ClockShark? If you're using Asana to manage your projects, and ClockShark to track your time, this integration is made just for you. Zapier's Asana-ClockShark integration adds new Asana projects to ClockShark as jobs, saving you the time and hassle of entering project names twice.

    How this Asana-ClockShark integration works

    1. A new project is created in Asana
    2. Zapier adds that project to ClockShark as a job

    Apps involved

    • Asana
    • ClockShark
  • Add new GenieBelt tasks to ClockShark as tasks

    Shouldn't your construction project management software talk to your construction time tracking software? Yes, but more importantly: now they actually can. With Zapier's GenieBelt-ClockShark integration, new tasks/milestones in GenieBelt are added to ClockShark as new tasks. By adding GenieBelt tasks to ClockShark so you don't have to, this integration saves you from re-entering data you've already entered and provides you peace of mind that your construction crew can clock into the correct tasks.

    How this GenieBelt-ClockShark integration works

    1. A new task is added or updated in GenieBelt
    2. Zapier creates a new task in ClockShark

    Apps involved

    • GenieBelt
    • ClockShark
  • Add new ClockShark tasks to Google Tasks as tasks

    Task, and you shall receive...well, more tasks. With Zapier's ClockShark-Google Tasks integration, new tasks added to ClockShark appear in Google Tasks as tasks, allowing you to clearly see the work your company is performing.

    How this ClockShark-Google Tasks integration works

    1. A new task is added to ClockShark
    2. Zapier adds new tasks to Google Tasks

    Apps involved

    • ClockShark
    • Google Tasks
  • Add new Xero contacts to ClockShark as jobs

    If your contacts in Xero are also your clients, chances are you find yourself entering them once in Xero, and then again in ClockShark. sigh Break up with double data entry, and use Zapier to import your contacts to ClockShark as jobs. This Xero-ClockShark integration imports new Xero contacts as ClockShark jobs, saving you the stressful hassle of doing it yourself.

    How this Xero-ClockShark integration works

    1. A new contact is added to Xero
    2. Zapier adds contact to ClockShark as a job

    Apps involved

    • Xero
    • ClockShark
  • Add new Gravity Forms submissions to ClockShark as new jobs

    Do you have clients that schedule a service call by submitting a request on your website? Does that request form just happen to be powered by Gravity Forms? This Gravity Forms-ClockShark integration takes the contacts you capture from Gravity Forms and adds them to ClockShark as new jobs, and lets you say goodbye to the hassle and drudgery of manually adding those contacts to ClockShark yourself. Goodbye, hassle!

    How this Gravity Forms-ClockShark integration works:

    1. A Gravity Forms submission occurs
    2. A new job is added to ClockShark

    Apps involved

    • Gravity Forms
    • ClockShark

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ClockShark Integration Details

Launched on Zapier August 15, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Clock In") and Actions (like "Create Job") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following ClockShark Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Clock In

Triggers when an employee clocks in.

New Clock Out

Triggers when an employee clocks out.

New Schedule

Triggers when a schedule is created.

New Job Added

Triggers when a job is created.

New Notification

Triggers when an administrator notification occurs.

New Task Added

Triggers when a task is created.

Create Job

Creates a new job.

Create Task

Creates a new task.

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