Email Parser By Zapier

An easy way to automatically copy data from your emails.

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Email Parser by Zapier

How it works

1. Sign up and create your first mailbox

Sign up and create your first mailbox with a custom Zapier email address (like zap123@robot.zapier.com). Send an email to Zapier to use as your template.

create your first mailbox

2. Highlight and name text

Simply highlight and name the text in your template that you want to extract from future emails.

Highlight and name text

3. Extract parts of your email

Choose which pieces of the email you wish to send as data to your other apps.

Extract parts of your email

4. Enjoy your automated emails

All emails sent to your Zapier mailbox will now be parsed and extracted. The data will be saved and accessible on your dashboard.

automated emails

Get help

Learn how to set up an email parser template.

Email Parser by Zapier

Connect your Parser account to Zapier to send your data to thousands of other services.