Add new SendPulse subscribers to Thinkific as users

When people sign up for your e-learning email list, you'll want to make sure they're enrolled in the corresponding correct online course as well. With this SendPulse-Thinkific integration, every new SendPulse subscriber will be automatically added to Thinkific as a user. That way, you don't have to copy contact information between tools in order to keep your online course list up-to-date.

How this SendPulse-Thinkific integration works

  1. A new subscriber is created in SendPulse.
  2. Zapier enrolls a user in a Thinkific.

Apps involved

  • SendPulse
  • Thinkific
Add new SendPulse subscribers to Thinkific as users
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SendPulse is an Integrated messaging platform providing user communication on all devices with Emails, SMS, Web Push, SMTP and more.

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The all-in-one platform to create, market & sell your online courses. Deliver beautiful courses on your own site, with no technical or design experience required!

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