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Integrate Google Sheets with Qoyod

Google Sheets

Google, Spreadsheets
Integrate Gmail with Qoyod


Email, Google
Integrate Shopify with Qoyod


eCommerce, Premium
Integrate WooCommerce with Qoyod


eCommerce, WordPress
Integrate Salla with Qoyod


Beta, eCommerce
Integrate Zid with Qoyod


Beta, eCommerce
Integrate HubSpot with Qoyod


Marketing Automation
Integrate Slack with Qoyod


Team Chat
Integrate Microsoft Outlook with Qoyod

Microsoft Outlook

Email, Microsoft
Integrate WordPress with Qoyod


Website Builders, WordPress
Integrate Magento 2.X with Qoyod

Magento 2.X

eCommerce, Premium
Integrate Google Forms with Qoyod

Google Forms

Forms & Surveys, Google
Integrate Google Docs with Qoyod

Google Docs

Documents, Google
Integrate PostgreSQL with Qoyod


Databases, Premium
Integrate Microsoft Excel with Qoyod

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft, Spreadsheets
Integrate PHP Point Of Sale with Qoyod

PHP Point Of Sale

Beta, Payment Processing
Integrate Google Calendar with Qoyod

Google Calendar

Calendar, Google
Integrate Trello with Qoyod


Project Management

Google Drive

File Management & Storage, Google
Integrate ClickUp with Qoyod


Project Management
Integrate Microsoft Teams with Qoyod

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft, Team Chat
Integrate Magento with Qoyod


eCommerce, Premium
Integrate SimplyBook.me with Qoyod


Scheduling & Booking
Integrate EZOfficeInventory with Qoyod


Beta, Project Management
Integrate Twitter with Qoyod


Social Media Accounts
Integrate Typeform with Qoyod


Forms & Surveys
Integrate Asana with Qoyod


Project Management
Integrate Instagram with Qoyod


Facebook, Social Media Accounts
Integrate monday.com with Qoyod


Project Management
Integrate ManyChat with Qoyod


Social Media Marketing
Integrate Google Ads with Qoyod

Google Ads

Ads & Conversion, Google, Premium
Integrate Firebase / Firestore with Qoyod

Firebase / Firestore

Integrate Freshsales Classic with Qoyod

Freshsales Classic

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate CloudConvert with Qoyod


File Management & Storage
Integrate ConvertAPI with Qoyod


File Management & Storage
Integrate HTML/CSS to Image with Qoyod

HTML/CSS to Image

Developer Tools
Integrate Odoo ERP Self Hosted with Qoyod

Odoo ERP Self Hosted

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Repsly with Qoyod


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Prexle POS with Qoyod

Prexle POS

Beta, Sales & CRM
Integrate Elfsquad Product Configurator with Qoyod

Elfsquad Product Configurator

Beta, Developer Tools
Integrate Detrack with Qoyod


Beta, Scheduling & Booking
Integrate Algoly Area Scan - No Code Algorithm Builder with Qoyod

Algoly Area Scan - No Code Algorithm Builder

Beta, Databases
Integrate Ometria with Qoyod


Beta, Marketing Automation
Integrate SITE123 with Qoyod


Beta, Website Builders

Popular ways to use Qoyod workflows

  • Send Gmail emails for new invoices in Qoyod

    • Qoyod logo
    • Gmail logo
    Qoyod + Gmail
    More details
    1. When this happens

      Step 1: New Invoice

    2. Then do this

      Step 2: Send Email

    Send Gmail emails for new invoices in Qoyod

    Send Gmail emails for new invoices in Qoyod
    • Qoyod logo
    • Gmail logo
    Qoyod + Gmail
  • Create Trello cards from new Qoyod invoices

    • Qoyod logo
    • Trello logo
    Qoyod + Trello
    More details
    1. When this happens

      Step 1: New Invoice

    2. Then do this

      Step 2: Create Card

  • Create invoices in Qoyod for new orders in Prexle

    • Prexle POS logo
    • Qoyod logo
    Prexle POS + Qoyod
    More details
    1. When this happens

      Step 1: Orders List

    2. Then do this

      Step 2: Create Invoice

Supported triggers and actions

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qoyod logo
qoyod logo

About Qoyod

Qoyod is an accounting tool focused on supporting small and medium size businesses

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