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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated February 3, 2017
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When surgeons operate on a new patient, they don't try a new approach to see if it works better. Aircraft inspectors don't randomly check different parts of the airplane each time. And you likely shouldn't take a random, new approach to your work each time, either.

Some projects need a unique approach, a fresh mind, an outside perspective. Those are perhaps the most fun parts of your job, the unique things that let you create something new for your company. But they're only a small part of your job, overshadowed by the routine things you have to do every day. You'll do them best if you do them the same way—and that's what Process Street can help you accomplish.

Those new, unique projects might need a project management tool or to-do list app. But the routine stuff? They need you to handle the same tasks in the same order each time—and require that you never forget one of the tasks. Process Street is designed to help with just that. You'll create routine checklists for your processes, workflows, and standard operating procedures, and let your entire team use them over and again whenever doing that workflow.

It's simple to start out. Just create a new checklist, either from a template or with a blank slate. Add your tasks in a list—and you can paste in a list of tasks to turn each line into its own task. Drag-and-drop tasks into the order you want, or add headings from the toolbar on the bottom to break your tasks into sections.

Then, tap on a task, and you'll see a blank document on the right side. You can add content to it from the buttons on the right, adding text, image, or video blocks to explain the step; form fields to gather data about what the team member did in that step; a sub-checklist to break the step down into smaller tasks; or an email field to send messages right from Process Street. Add the details you need to each step of your workflow, then save the changes when you're done.

Now, every time you need to do this workflow, just open the template and click the green Run button on the right to make a new version for today's work. You can then assign this workflow to someone on the team, give it a deadline, check off the steps, and read through the extra info each step contains. You can even add comments to each of the steps to note what you did, mentioning others on the team to get their feedback or let them know about a problem.

Back on your Process Street dashboard, you can organize your workflows in folders, so they're easily accessible whenever anyone on your team needs them. And the next time you start a new project, you won't need to make a new to-do list and try to list everything that needs done. Instead, you'll just run a new copy of your Process Street checklist, and will make sure that everything's completed the way it should be.

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