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Integrate Google Sheets with MyCashflow

Google Sheets

Google +1Google, Spreadsheets
Integrate Mailchimp with MyCashflow


Email Newsletters
Integrate Facebook Conversions with MyCashflow

Facebook Conversions

Ads & Conversion +1Ads & Conversion, Facebook
Integrate ActiveCampaign with MyCashflow


Marketing Automation
Integrate Slack with MyCashflow


Team Chat
Integrate Twitter with MyCashflow


Social Media Accounts
Integrate Trello with MyCashflow


Project Management
Integrate Google Drive with MyCashflow

Google Drive

File Management & Storage +1File Management & Storage, Google
Integrate HubSpot with MyCashflow


Marketing Automation
Integrate Pipedrive with MyCashflow


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate MailerLite with MyCashflow


Email Newsletters
Integrate ezeep Blue printing with MyCashflow

ezeep Blue printing

Integrate Trustmary with MyCashflow


Ads & Conversion +1Ads & Conversion, Beta

Connect MyCashflow to 3,000+ Apps

  • MyCashflow logoGoogle Sheets logo

    Add new MyCashflow orders to Google Sheets rows

    MyCashflow + Google Sheets

  • MyCashflow logoMailchimp logo

    Add new MyCashflow email subscribers to Mailchimp lists

    MyCashflow + Mailchimp

  • MyCashflow logoSlack logo

    Send Slack channel messages for new MyCashflow orders

    MyCashflow + Slack

  • MyCashflow logoFacebook Conversions logo

    Send purchase events in Facebook Conversions for new MyCashflow orders

    MyCashflow + Facebook Conversions

  • MyCashflow logoEmail by Zapier logo

    Relay emails for new MyCashflow orders

    MyCashflow + Email by Zapier

  • MyCashflow logoPipedrive logo

    Add new MyCashflow customers to Pipedrive

    MyCashflow + Pipedrive

MyCashflow Integration Details

The following MyCashflow Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:



  • Create Email Subscriber

    Adds a new Email Subscriber to the store's mailing list.

  • Add Customer to Customer Group

    Adds a Customer to Customer Group.

  • Register Order Shipment

    Registers a shipment to access its shipping documents and tracking code (if available).

  • Remove Email Subscriber

    Removes an Email Subscriber from the store's mailing list.


  • Find Order

    Finds an order.

  • Find Product

    Finds a product.

  • Find Email Subscriber

    Finds an email subscriber.

  • Find Stock Item

    Finds a stock item.

  • Find or Create Email Subscriber

    Finds an email subscriber.

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