Send SharpSpring leads Handwrytten notes and gift cards

Developing strong personal relationships with leads is an excellent way to improve conversion rates. By sending leads handwritten notes, sales professionals can build stronger bonds. With an optional gift card, your message can really stand out. Handwrytten and Zapier make this integration simple.

How this SharpSpring-Handwrytten integration works.

  1. A new lead is created in SharpSpring
  2. Zapier pushes contact information from SharpSpring to Handwrytten, where a stationery and template are applied. A gift card can be configured to be included. The letter is mailed within one business day.

Apps involved

  • SharpSpring
  • Handwrytten
Send SharpSpring leads Handwrytten notes and gift cards
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Powerful, affordable marketing tools for marketing agencies and SMBs. Features include email automation, lead capture, and a built in CRM system.

Handwrytten integration logo

Handwrytten is a way to automatically send real cards and notes written in pen and ink.

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