Send Thankster cards to new Follow Up Boss contacts

Want to make sure you kick off the relationship with new Follow Up Boss contacts on the right note? This Follow Up Boss-Thankster integration can see to it everyone receives your personalized message once you activate it. From then on, the automation will send every new Follow Up Boss contact a card from Thankster, triggering realiably as long as it remains active.

How It Works

  1. A new contact is added on Follow Up Boss
  2. Zapier automation sends a card on Thankster

What You Need

  • Follow Up Boss account
  • Thankster account
Send Thankster cards to new Follow Up Boss contacts
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Simple lead management software for real estate agents and brokers. Follow Up Boss takes all your leads and puts them in one simple system automatically. Helps you to respond fast and convert more leads into closings.

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Creates and mails cards and notes with authentic handwriting, requiring only address information and message text. Great for CRM, marketing automation, lead gen, and more.

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