Send alerts for new FogBugz cases to Slack

Teams love FogBugz because it makes issue tracking easy. If you want to make sure that everyone's on top of a case as soon as its opened, try this Zap: it sends a Slack message for each new FogBugz case.

How It Works

  1. Someone creates a new case in FogBugz
  2. Zapier alerts you to that new case with a Slack message

What You Need

  • A FogBugz account
  • A Slack account
Send alerts for new FogBugz cases to Slack
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FogBugz is powerful hosted bug tracking software used to make great software by great teams.

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Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Offering instant messaging, document sharing and knowledge search for modern teams.

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