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Add email to Facebook Custom Audiences when customers are created in TeamUp

  1. When this happensStep 1: Customer Created

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Add Email to Custom Audience

Wasting ad spend on delivering ads to existing customers? Want to target messages at your existing audience? Facebook Custom Audiences is a powerful tool that enables you to do this. Now with this integration you can automatically update your Facebook Custom Audiences when a customer is created in TeamUp.

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Connect Facebook Custom Audiences + TeamUp in Minutes

It's easy to connect Facebook Custom Audiences + TeamUp and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

All Triggers & Actions

InstantCustomer Created

Triggers when a new customer is created.

InstantCustomer Membership Created

Triggers when a customer membership is created, which can be done via the business dashboard or when a customer purchases a membership. This includes upgrades, downgrades, and renewals.

InstantCustomer Membership Started

Triggers when a customer membership starts. If a customer membership is added to a customer with a start date in the distant past, this trigger will not process.

InstantCustomer Membership Cancelled

Triggers when a customer membership is cancelled. In other words, this is when a user clicks the "cancel" button for a recurring membership. The Customer Membership Ended trigger will be sent when the expiration date is reached.

InstantCustomer Membership Ended

Triggers when a customer membership ends due to the expiration date being reached. This does not include packs.

InstantCustomer Updated

Triggers when a customer is updated.