Send Trustpilot review invitations to Enalyzer respondents

You've engaged your audience with your Enalyzer survey and you would like them to review your company on Trustpilot. Instead of sending Trustpilot invitations manually, use this Zapier integration so that each time your Enalyzer survey is completed they get an automatic invitation to leave a Trustpilot review. Make the best out of your customer feedback with this Enalyzer-Trustpilot integration.

How this Enalyzer-Trustpilot integration works

  1. A respondent completes your Enalyzer survey
  2. Zapier automatically sends a Trustpilot review invitation

Apps involved

  • Enalyzer
  • Trustpilot
Send Trustpilot review invitations to Enalyzer respondents
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An easy and free tool for creating surveys and analyzing results.

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Get real customer feedback using Trustpilot, an independent review platform. Zapier integrates seamlessly with your Trustpilot account, so you can send review invitations with ease.

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