Send Enalyzer surveys for People HR leavers

Employees leave the workforce for a multitude of reasons and with exit surveys, you can find out why. With this People HR-Enalyzer integration, you can send automatic exit surveys to those employees that are leaving the company. Use Enalyzer to analyze all the feedback you get and optimize the experience for current employees.

How this People HR-Enalyzer integration works

  1. An employee is added as a leaver on People HR
  2. Zapier automatically sends an Enalyzer survey

Apps involved

  • People HR
  • Enalyze
Send Enalyzer surveys for People HR leavers
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People delivers an HR administration solution for HR professionals working in small and mid-sized companies. People HR constructs insightful graphic reports, offers expert “follow me” guidance, and engages people on missions through high-impact tasks.

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An easy and free tool for creating surveys and analyzing results.

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