AeroLeads + Textdrip

Add new leads in AeroLeads to Textdrip campaigns

This integration adds new leads in AeroLeads to Textdrip campaigns.

This integration adds new leads in AeroLeads to Textdrip campaigns.

  1. When this happens...
    New Prospect

    Triggers when a new prospect is added.

  2. automatically do this!
    Create Contact and Apply Drip Campaign

    Creates a contact in Textdrip and applies a drip campaign to the contact.

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Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
  • AeroLeads triggers, actions, and search

    Auto Add New Prospect

    Automatically zaps your newly created prospect.

    Try It
    • Drip Campaign IDRequired

      Login to Textdrip.co and navigate to My Drips to select your drip campaign ID

    • Full NameRequired

      First and last name of the contact you want to add to Textdrip (i.e. John Smith).

    • Phone NumberRequired

      Phone number of the lead you would like to add to Textdrip (i.e. +15551234567).

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aeroleads logo

About AeroLeads

AeroLeads is a prospect generation software used by thousands of businesses all over the world including SMBs, startups and Enterprise customers. It find emails and phone numbers of prospects and businesses and is perfect tool to start your sales.

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About Textdrip

Text from the web, iphone, or android app, setup Textdrip campaigns, auto-responders, and more!

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