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What Google Analytics Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

Currently, there are no Triggers for Google Analytics.

Supported Actions#

  • Update Goal - Updates existing goals.
  • Run Report - Runs a report and returns the analytics data.
  • Create a Measurement - Send a measurement of an event to Google Analytics.

Supported Searches#

Currently, there are no Searches for Google Analytics.

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How to Get Started with Google Analytics on Zapier

How to Get Started with Google Analytics on Zapier#

To get started with Google Analytics on Zapier, first you will need to click to connect your Google Analytics account to use with your Zap

Click to connect Google Analytics

You'll now be asked to log into your Google Analytics account (unless you are already logged in)

Login to Google Analytics

Finally, you will be asked to give Zapier permission to access your account. Click “Allow” to continue.

Authorize Google Analytics on Zapier

If all steps were successful your Google Analytics account will now be successfully connected.

Google Analytics connection successful

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How Data is Returned from Google Analytics

When running a report, there are several ways you can request Zapier return the data to be used in later steps in a Zap.

Individual Data Points#

This option provides each data point returned by Google as a field available to map into another step in a Zap. For instance, if you run a report to get page view counts for last week using the dimension of "Day of the Week," Zapier would provide seven fields to map into later steps in your Zap, one for each day, like this:

screenshot of mapping individual data points

This output is intended for reports that generate only a few data points. For example, a report with zero or one dimension, or a report that sorts and limits to a small subset of results.


This option provides the data points returned by Google as a list. This can be handy when combined with a later Action that supports line items.

Formatted Text#

This option condenses the data into a text report and provides a single field to map into another step in a Zap, like this:

screenshot of mapping text report

This output is intended for reports that generate a lot of data points that would be tedious to map into a Zap one-by-one. For example, a report on page views that uses the dimension "Country", or combines the dimensions "Day of Week" and "Browser", generate over 100 data points.

Formatted JSON#

This is an advanced option. It is similar to Formatted Text in that it condenses the data into a single field. However, instead of a human-friendly text report, the data is encoded as JSON. This JSON data can be sent to other systems in HTTP requests using the Webhook by Zapier App, or fed into a Code by Zapier App to be manipulated further.

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Common Problems with Google Analytics on Zapier

Error: Selected dimensions and metrics cannot be queried together.#

Google Analytics does not allow some combinations of dimensions and metrics to be queried at the same time. To see which ones can be queried together, use Google's Dimensions & Metrics Explorer page:

Update Goal action is not recording a new conversion/event#

The Update Goal Action is used to update the definition of a Goal, not record a conversion for it. Using Update Goal is equivalent to this page in Google Analytics:

Screenshot of updating a Goal's settings in Google Analytics

To record a conversion, use the Create a Measurement Action and provide the same values for the category, action, label, and value fields (in this case Live and order.rebill_cancelled). Note that these values are case sensitive.

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