Trigger Result Fields (Custom)#

Note: This guide is for Zapier's legacy web builder. For new integrations, use Zapier Visual Builder and its trigger documentation.

Sometimes, the data returned by a trigger is hard to use in a Zap because of how the keys are named. When a user goes to map fields in an action, the trigger data's keys are used to identify which field is which. If those keys are something unintelligible like UUIDs rather than human-readable data points like "name" or "email", the user may not be able to identify which fields to map in their action.

To remedy this, we have Custom Trigger Result Fields, an additional HTTP GET to a URL you provide in your trigger definition that tells us additional metadata about the data the trigger will return, such as human-readable labels to display when mapping fields. All you need to do to enable custom trigger result fields is:

    "type": "unicode", // unicode, int, or bool
    "key": "json_key", // the key in the trigger data
    "label": "Pretty Label", // the human-readable label to display

Note: Unlike actions and searches, triggers don't support Custom Trigger Fields for the Edit Template step of the trigger.

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