3. Promote Your Zap Templates#

It’s not enough to turn your ideal workflows into Zap Templates. You need to get them in front of everyone who should use your Zaps. Zapier automatically promotes your Zap Templates in our App Directory and in partner apps with embedded Zaps if your Zap Templates include their apps. You can promote them further with a list of your Zap Templates on your site, or include built-in Zap Template embeds inside your app.

Zapier App Directory#

Zapier App Directory Page

The easiest way to find Zap Templates is in Zapier’s App Directory where we have individual pages for each of the 1,300+ apps that integrate with Zapier. Want to find Gmail integrations? Go to zapier.com/apps/gmail/integrations to see the top apps connected with Gmail on Zapier, followed by a list of popular Gmail Zap Templates and Zapier content about Gmail use cases.

Find your app’s App Directory page at zapier.com/apps/YourApp/integrations, replacing YourApp with your app’s name.

Zapier App Directory two-app page

Want to find ways to connect two specific apps? Click one of the top apps on any App Directory page to see our two-app pages, such as the one above for Trello and Gmail. It shows the most popular use cases for those two apps together.

Find your app’s two-app pages at zapier.com/apps/YourApp/integrations/OtherApp, substituting YourApp with your app’s name and OtherApp with the other app connected to your app.

Zapier also shows these top use cases to logged in users, promoting your app’s top Zap Templates to people who have connected Zapier to your app.

How to Embed Zap Templates in Your Product or on Your Website#

There are two ways to embed Zap Templates: the embed widget or the Partner API. The embed widget gives you a snippet of code to copy and paste and is the quickest solution. The Partner API allows you to customize the look and feel of the embed, but requires development resources from your team.

Tip: Scroll through this presentation to learn about the benefits of embedding Zapier in your product and the differences between the embed widget and the Partner API.

Embed Zap Templates via the Embed Widget#

Embed Zap Templates

You can also promote Zap Templates on your site with Zap embeds. The easiest way to make them is with our Zap Custom Embed Creator. Enter your app’s name, select how many Zaps you want to embed and the color scheme that fits your app or site best, then copy the embed code at the bottom. Zapier will automatically show your app’s most popular Zap Templates in your embed, and whenever someone clicks the Use this Zap button, Zapier will open the Zap Template in a small popover window to keep users on your site while they set up the Zap.

Want to embed specific individual Zap Templates instead? Copy the Zap ID number from your Zap Templates Dashboard by clicking the gear icon beside a Zap and selecting the Copy ID option. Then, include it in place of 1234 in the text below:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://zapier.com/apps/embed/widget.js?guided_zaps=1234"></script>

Want to embed multiple Zap Templates? Include each of their IDs in a comma separated list, such as:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://zapier.com/apps/embed/widget.js?guided_zaps=1234,9876,3456"></script>

You can additionally use these options to customize your Zap Template embeds:

  • limit=10 to set the number of Zaps to display; use any number you want
  • theme=dark for a dark-colored embed, instead of the default light background
  • categories=CATEGORYNAME to show only Zap Templates with apps from a specific category, with CATEGORYNAME replaced with the name of a category from Zapier’s App Directory
  • categories=-CATEGORYNAME to not show Zap Templates with apps from a specific category
  • services=-APP,-APP to exclude specific apps

Include the additional options at the end of the script text with an ampersand, such as:

<script src="https://zapier.com/apps/embed/widget.js?services=APP&container=true&limit=10&theme=dark"></script>

Embed Zap Templates via the Partner API#

Unbounce Embedded Zaps

Want to build Zap Templates into your app? Zapier’s Partner API lets you do just that. It can embed a full App Directory into your app to showcase every app that works with your app’s Zapier integration, along with Zap Templates and any active Zaps your users have enabled.

Zapier's embeds maintain Zapier’s design for the most part. With the Partner API, however, you can customize the entire look and feel of Zapier in your app. It’s the perfect way to make your Zapier integrations be first-class features in your app.

Here are some example embedded Zapier experiences with our Partner API, and you can check our Partner API documentation for more details:

Facebook Embedded Zap Experience

  • Facebook lets you search for and configure Zaps inside their Lead Ad Campaign Manager.

MeisterTask Embedded Zap

  • MeisterTask provides an intuitive, styled interface to search for any MeisterTask Zap Template.
  • Trello leverages the Partner API to let users manage Zaps from their Trello Dashboard.
  • Zoho Connect lets users set up Zaps inside the Zoho Connect app.
  • Eventbrite shows users their most popular Zap templates to make it easy to export attendees.
  • Typeform presents popular Zap templates when users set up their forms, something they’ve found to reduce churn.
  • Help Scout uses Zapier to extend their integrations directory automatically, with Zapier as a fallback if no direct integrations are available.
  • Trainerize curates the best Zap Templates by use case.

Manage Your Zap Templates#

Zap Template List

One Zap Template isn’t enough—you’ll want to make Zap Templates for each of your app’s most popular use cases. Over time, you’ll likely make dozens of Zap Templates. You can manage them—in draft, review, or publicly available—from your Zap Templates dashboard alongside Zapier’s developer platform tools.

Filter through your Zap Templates by status on the left sidebar, click a Zap Template to edit it, or select the gear icon on the right of a Zap Template to copy its public link, test it, or delete it.

If you have any Zap Templates in your Rejected list, edit them to fix the issues then re-submit them. You cannot edit public Zap Templates, but if you notice something that you need to change in your existing Zap Templates, please email partners@zapier.com with the link to the Zap Template, and we can set the Zap as Draft again so you can edit and re-submit it with any changes.

Then start again. Whenever you think of something that’s the perfect use case for your Zapier integration, turn it into a Zap Template with the Zap Template Creator. As soon as it’s approved, it’ll show up everywhere your Zapier integration is promoted, spreading your use case to the people who will benefit from it most.

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