Post new 123ContactForm submissions to Alterdesk

Keep track of all 123ContactForm submissions by automatically sending a notification to a specific Alterdesk group chat after a form has been submitted. This Zapier automation is a great way to alert your sales team of new leads or let your webcare team spring into action after a contact form submission.

Note: If you want to send updates only to your own Alterdesk account, you can create a group chat in which you are the only participant and create the Zapier integration with that group chat.

How It Works

  1. A 123ContactForm is submitted
  2. Zapier posts to a designated Alterdesk group chat

What You Need

  • 123ContactForm account
  • Alterdesk account
Post new 123ContactForm submissions to Alterdesk
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123ContactForm is an easy way to create and use free html forms for your website using their online contact form generator!

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Alterdesk is a user-friendly, secure messenger for teams. Send messages and files to your co-workers and other business contacts, using any available device!

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