New JIRA issue creates a new Pulse on a board

Need to have JIRA issues created as pulses in a specific board on daPulse? Forget about manually updating your work in two places and let Zapier help. Let the project managers have the big picture in daPulse, and manage your tickets in your favorite tool.

How It Works

  1. New issue is created in JIRA.
  2. Zapier sends the information of this issue to a board in daPulse, and its saved as a new pulse.

What You Need

  • daPulse account
  • JIRA account
  • Board in daPulse for JIRA issues
New JIRA issue creates a new Pulse on a board
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JIRA is a bug and issue tracking software tool that allows software developers to manage product development and build better software.

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daPulse project management enables companies to keep on moving with speed. daPulse's solution is transparency around key activities: letting everyone in the company know what's important right now.

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