Get Slack notifications for new Twitter followers

Get to know your new Twitter followers right away. With this Zapier automation, you'll never miss a chance to connect. With each new Twitter follower, Zapier will automatically send messages to a designated Slack channel. You'll keep tabs on your growing network without the hassle of flipping back and forth between apps.

How It Works

  1. A new Twitter user follows a designated account
  2. A message is sent to a chosen Slack channel with the followers' name, screen name, location, friend count and URL

What You Need

  • Twitter account
  • Slack account
Get Slack notifications for new Twitter followers
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Twitter is a social network that lets you publish 140-character messages, called "Tweets", that can be seen by an international audience in real-time. Connect with your audience, express yourself and discover what's happening.

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Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Offering instant messaging, document sharing and knowledge search for modern teams.

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