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YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.

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Start With a Popular Zap Template

Post new videos in a YouTube channel to Facebook.

Whenever a new video is posted in my YouTube channel create a new Wordpress blog post with the video embedded.

Tweet new videos uploaded to YouTube.

Trigger an email via Gmail for when a specific user uploads a new YouTube video.

Get a Pushover notification when a specific user uploads a new YouTube video.

Automatically save new YouTube videos from a specific user to a new row in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

When a new "Red Eye" episode is uploaded to YouTube, send an SMS to your phone.

Every time a new Youtube video is found with "Neil deGrasse Tyson" in its description you get an email.

Get an SMS for new videos in a YouTube channel.

Trigger a HipChat message when a specific user uploads a new YouTube video.

When a specific user uploads a new video to YouTube save it to Box.

This Zap creates an RSS feed for any users YouTube video feed.

Google Talk alerts for new uploaded videos from a specific user.

Send a sms when Vsauce post a new video, telling the title, date and link!!!

Create a new email draft in Gmail when a specific user uploads a new YouTube video.

Chef John posts up new videos on Youtube quite regularly. Don't miss them with this Zap, which notifies you of new videos as they get posted via Pushover.

For fans of cooking with dog, gets notified via pushover whenever chef posts a new video up on youtube.

Send youtube link to Chatter when a particular youtube user posts. Allows us to share company posted youtube videos to our company Chatter feed.

This zap will send a notification to NMA(Android App) every time a new Just For Laughs video is uploaded along with the url, so you can directly view it on phone.

Save YouTube videos from a specific channel to Evernote.

When a specific user uploads a video to YouTube create a TeamworkPM task.

Get an autoremote notification letting me know when there has been a new tutorial video about tasker.

Put the new geek and sundry video links into evernote for later viewing.

This zap shares any new video uploaded to a certain channel on a Facebook page including description.

Automatically posts my youtube video to facebook, with out logging into youtube. That way I can post videos from my google+ managed youtube page. IFTTT can't do this, so I'm on zapier. :)

It provides way more customisation with automatically sharing links than YouTube itself currently provides.

Not to mention this site looks like it actually works.

sends me a private fb post every time teganandsaramusic uploads a new video

Saves me loads of time as now I don't have to manually share my new videos on YouTube to my FB pages.

This ZAp solves having to copy paste and embed vids tat are made on this channel to this face book page

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