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Microsoft's file offering makes it easy to integrate Live and Office products with your cloud storage.

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You can have the power to integrate SkyDrive with hundreds of other web apps to automate tasks.

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Start With a Popular Zap Template

Automatically add new Dropbox files from certain folders to SkyDrive.

Automatically upload new Google Drive files from a folder to SkyDrive.

Automatically push SkyDrive files to Google Drive.

Automatically copy new SkyDrive files to Box.

Create an RSS feed of new SkyDrive files.

Template for copy your new files archived in a specific folder of your Google Drive account to a folder or your SkyDrive account.

Automatically add new Box files to SkyDrive.

Automatically create an Evernote note from a new SkyDrive file.

Automatically send email attachments to SkyDrive through Gmail.

Send out an email through Gmail for new SkyDrive files.

This Zap lets me save my Gmail attachments to SkyDrive.

Automatically copy new SkyDrive files to a new SkyDrive file.

Automatically create new text file in SkyDrive for new Evernote notes.

Automatically create a new text file in SkyDrive from a new RSS feed.

Automatically email attachments to SkyDrive via your Zapier email address.

Use the email trigger to send emails to SkyDrive to create text files.

Create new text file in SkyDrive from new Dropbox files.

Automatically create new Trello cards when a file is added to a SkyDrive folder.

Automatically copy Google Docs files to SkyDrive.

Create a new text file in SkyDrive from new Google Drive files.

This sends an email via Gmail everytime a new file is added to our shared Skydrive folder.

Create a text file in SkyDrive from a new WordPress post.

Use this zap to create your own podcast feed! Just upload your podcast files to a Public Skydrive directory specified in the zap.

Create new text files in SkyDrive from new Google Calendar events.

This Zap uploads files to SkyDrive via a Wufoo form. This way I can let people send me files without giving them SkyDrive credentials.

Email your Zapier inbox to create a text file in SkyDrive.

Not sure yet... what I want to do is to continuously append a text file with new survey responses and have that file reside on my SkyDrive, which will then be synched with my local machine.

Create new SkyDrive files from Gmail senders.

i found the method to remind new files uploaded on skydrive, so cool~

Send a notification email to anyone when you add a file to a specific Skydrive folder.

subject for filtering subject and date for filename date and message for content

In our very first episode we review and discuss Resident Evil 6!

In our very first podcast we discuss and review Resident Evil 6!

Create a Gmail draft from new SkyDrive files.

Create text file in SkyDrive for new Asana comments.

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