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HipChat is a hosted private chat service for your company or team to collaborate. Chat rooms are persistent and allow you to share files and ideas with your team.

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Automatically create new HipChat message from new Trello card activity.

Get a HipChat message for new RSS feed items.

When a new task is added to a Asana project or workspace, send a message into to your HipChat chatroom.

Send mentions of your brand on Twitter to HipChat.

Send to an email to a given Zapier address to post a message in a HipChat room.

Get a message in HipChat for new events in Basecamp.

Create HipChat message from a webhook endpoint.

Trigger a HipChat message for new Pingdom alerts.

Sends a customizable alert to HipChat for new GitHub commits.

Takes an mention of a search term or tweet from a user and sends an alert to HipChat.

Get customizable HipChat alerts for new JIRA issues.

Sends a new customizable HipChat message for new Pivotal Tracker activity.

Trigger a HipChat message for a new row in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Get customizable HipChat alerts for new GitHub pulls.

Send an email to your Zapier mailbox to post to HipChat.

Trigger a HipChat message for new Wufoo form entries.

Sends news Desk.com case alerts to HipChat.

Send alerts for all Gmail emails or just some with labels to HipChat.

Sends a customizable HipChat alert for new Stripe customers.

If people are typing messages in Hipchat like: "I just picked up story 16, I'll let you know when I'm done", then you need this zap.

When touches a card, a small message is automatically sent to Hipchat with a link to the card in question.

If there is a lot of activity, you might want to remove the description from the message and add some filtering, or create a separate room. Happy zapping!

Sends a HipChat message when Basecamp gets a new topic.

Sends HipChat alerts for new Zendesk tickets.

When a new task (row) is created in Smartsheet, notify collaborators in a HipChat room.

Send Basecamp todo item alerts to HipChat.

Keep the team in HipChat alert and on their toes when new issues are posted into BitBucket's issue tracker.

Between Bitbucket and Hipchat there is already an integration to show messages on HipChat when commits are pushed to bitbucket. But my team is always using pull requests to Code Review and Testing. And the only way we had to notify that a pull request was created was by e-mail or typing a message on HipChat. Now with this ZAP the work will be done automatically. And the team also will be notified when there is some comment or the pull request is updated

This zap grabs and email with the Sender name Codebase and creates a new message in hipchat. Codebase does not currently have any integrations into hipchat except via methods like this.

Needed better visibility of on-call schedule. Allows us to post events from Google Calendar to HipChat.

Get a HipChat message for new row in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Web applications go down all the time, but when Active Campaign goes down and Zapier notices it, this zap will notify you via HipChat.

Trigger a HipChat message for new GitHub comments.

Get customizable HipChat alerts for new Salesforce opportunities.

Get a notification in a HipChat room of a new BugHerd bug.

Use named variables to create new Basecamp todos from a HipChat message.

Trigger a HipChat message when StatusCake posts an alert.

Send a customizable HipChat alert for new Basecamp messages.

Post an alert to HipChat when I check-in to Foursquare locations.

Automatically post Chatter messages to HipChat.

Add HipChat messages to a new row in Google Docs spreadsheet.

Get notified inside Hipchat when Scout Monitoring reports a new alert. This lets us immediately know when something is up.

Use named variables to send messages from HipChat to a webhook endpoint.

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