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Want to keep notes based on RSS feeds. Use the Evernote RSS integration to create new Evernote notes from an RSS feed.

Customize your Evernote note and filter based on RSS fields.

Simple setup takes less than 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

Let Zapier do the work for you.

About Evernote

Evernote is a powerful note taking application that makes it easy to capture ideas, images, contacts, and anything else you need to remember. Bring your life's work together in one digital workspace—available on all major mobile platforms and devices.

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About RSS by Zapier

RSS (really simple syndication) is pretty much the industry standard for feed readers. You'll find RSS feeds in almost every app imaginable.

Start With a Popular Zap

Create an Evernote note from new RSS feed items.

Create an RSS feed of new Evernote notes.

Links to the Altenex (Pat Sheridan) Evernote account and updates each time a note is added. This will be used in mailchimp to be sent out every day.

Various Technology and Product News for Research of Ubiquitous Computing

Various Technologies and Products for Research of Ubiquitous Computing and SmartHouse

This takes Evernotes with the word "task-" in them and ships them to an RSS feed. Then, I can pull the RSS feed into Yahoo Pipes and apply some regex.

Communication amongst all attorneys is difficult. This will be an amazing help.

Move data from one format to another where it's more accessable

Students are informed when new homeworks are posted via an RSS feed.

This zap integrates Evernote with Flashissue, so you can use evernote as a web clipper.

I use this with Flashissue.com to create an email newsletter from my Evernote clippings . Just paste the RSS feed from the ZAP into the My Stories tab in falshissue and start dragging your clippings into an email.

Wired UK's RSS feed to evernote. in at least semi-readable state

Saves CrossFit South Brooklyn WODs to Evernote. (Filters out Rest Day posts)


This takes the rss feed from our internal company blog and creates an evernote note out of the post

With this Zap I make my own archve of my blog. In Evernote I can search on keywords and perhaps find some interesting blogposts I wrote.

Takes new starred articles from your feedbin.me account and saves them to Evernote.

Keeps me up-to-date on American Baptist Home Mission Societies activities

Send show notes from Systematic podcast to Evernote automatically

This zap takes my Pinterest RSS feed and automatically adds it to my Evernote, so whenever I pin something on Pinterest I have a copy of that pin in Evernote.

Using Diigo web highlighter as a single-source web clipper, send to Evernote anything tagged as documentation or @e for Evernote. Still working out the kinks on how to transform the RSS feed to carry the tags over without writing a custom provider. May just have to do the latter.

Alerts when a new free Sci Fi ebook becomes available on Amazo

This zap unread entries from Pocket and add them a evernote forming a journal

Automatically adds a book I am reading (moved to currently-reading shelf in Goodreads) to Evernote "book journal" notebook so I can make notes, add a review, and track in my @read/review list.

It gets my Pinterest RSS feed into my Evernote with a large image and a clickable link

Sending preprint abstracts from Neurology journal to Evernote notebook of choice with a choice of tags

Creates a new to-do item (using tagging) in Evernote from your HelpSpot queue.

This Zap works filtering information from arXiv. It makes easy the literature research process.

Get Springpad notes into Evernote pretty easily and cleanly (albeit tags don't come with) using Springpad Notebook RSS feed

This Zap sends me my favorite rss feed when a new one becomes available.

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