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Need email notifications for Evernote activity? Use the Evernote Email integration to send emails based on Evernote notes and notebooks.

Customize your emails and filter on various Evernote fields.

Simple setup takes less than 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

Let Zapier do the work for you.

About Email by Zapier

Send and receive email via a custom Zapier email address at This is great for triggering off of emails and sending custom emails.

Have direct access to your own email servers? Check out our IMAP and SMTP services!

About Evernote

Evernote is a powerful note taking application that makes it easy to capture ideas, images, contacts, and anything else you need to remember. Bring your life's work together in one digital workspace—available on all major mobile platforms and devices.

Using Evernote for work? See Evernote Business.

See an Evernote review

Start With a Popular Zap

Create a new note in Evernote by forwarding an email to a given Zapier email address.

Get a customizable email alert for new Evernote notes.

Create new Evernote notes by sending an email to your Zapier mailbox.

When adding a reminder to an Evernote Task, add it to your Todo app via email (OmniFocus, Nirvana, Wunderlist and more)

Create new notes in evernote by sending email through unique email address

Using a rule in mail to send all invoices to a financial notebook in evrernote

Forward emails to a specific Notebook in Evernote with specific tags.

Create a new Evernote note when receiving an email. Tag to sender, sort by date for quick reference.

Send eMail to Evernote - with customized distribution of content into the target note.

Send notes to evernote using your own e-mail adress, instead of remembering the difficult personal evernote address or the zap adress and automatically tag and sort it in your notebook.

Creates an Evernote note when you send an email to a given Zapier email address

save email content incl. attachment as evernote note in a specific notebook

When a note is added to an evernote notebook with the tag {ToDo} it forwards note to Nirvana email app to enable GTD filing of reference

I was told that Zapier can scan my Evernote notes for a particular word and send the note via email. I want it to send the email to Google GQueues to log as a queue (to-do). Evernote can email directly but it does not include plain text embedded in the email that will allow GQueues to recognize the text of the note. I was told Zapier does send plain text underneath HTML emails that GQueues can read.

Sends Evernote notes to Wordpress email to post there. Great for keeping a backup of blog posts.

Create Task in DoIt ecah time a new note is created in a specific notebook

Use Evernote to automatically email posts to other services like WordPress. Any files attached to the notes are included in the email as attachments. In the body of the post there is also urls to view the note that generated the email and also a post to the online source of the content if one exists.

Notes tagged with RTM are automatically sent to Remember the Milk

Jira OnDemand workaround, thie zap gets notes tagged with "jira" and sends them to an emailaddress that is monitored by Jira and creates a task with the content of the note. The task can then be changed to whatever.

Useful to get notes into Jira / Confluence from mobile devices.

Sends email to teacher after observation feedback has been added to shared Evernote folder. They can then view their feedback through Evernote.

When I create an Evernote reminder to myself by voice recording it sends me an email to remind me to check it later.

This Zap sends internet article you save to Evernote directly to your OmniSync-Server.

Sends an email to remember the milk every time a new evernote note is posted in the notes notebook with the tag feedly

Alerts and sends content of new Evernote note in specific notebook.

This makes my class notetaking for students with disabilities much easier! I don't have to remember to email them, they just get the notes right away.

This takes every new sticky I send to Evernote and sends it to my work Outlook. I can then use it to create new tasks and appointments in Outlook.

Automatically sends an e-mail with the text of the Evernote note and any attachments to pre-defined e-mail recipients.

Use Evernote capture mechanisms with Nirvana inbox by automatically sending an email to Nirvana when new note is created in specified Evernote notebook. The task created in Nirvana contains note title as task name and in task comments there is a handy link to the note in Evernote web app, plus any text content of the note.

Sends title, URL and body text of new Evernote note tagged "Todoist" to a Todoist project's email address (you must specify this) and gives it a due date of today

Send tasks from a specific notebook in Evernote that have a specific tag to a specific email address

Send Evernote note from a specific notebook tagged with Todoist to the Todoist Inbox Project

Send Evernote note from a specific notebook tagged with Todoist to the Todoist Inbox Project

Send Evernote note from a specific notebook tagged with Todoist to the Todoist Inbox Project

It sends an email to selected recipient notifying new content posted to a privately shared Evernote notebook.

Set up to email your Evernote messages into Todoist to set up Tasks!

Notifies VPA as soon as a new action note is created to save me having to advise manually by e-mail.

Integration with Eye-fi web card. I foward my photos to evernote and then have Zapier take those photos and send them to a sharefile account

I use FileThisFetch to download statements to OmniFocus. Some are automatically paid by my bank, but some require me to look at them. This zap watches the folder where one of my "special handling" accounts gets filed, and when I get a new document put in there, adds a task to my OmniFocus via Omni's Mail Drop service.

Any new items placed into an Evernote todo folder will be sent to Omnifocus using the Omnisync service. Requires that you enter your unique Omnisync email address.

I can create projects and tasks in Evernote and it automatically creates the same thing in my task management app (I use GQueues).

With this zap, I can create a KustomNote in evernote, tagged RTM, and have it automatically sent to rememberthemilk so that I can proceed with a follow-up action from my task list in RTM.

When I need to transfert my new Evernote's note to, I found out what I can do instead of forwarding it directly to post on That's that I use's email. More, I can use it to other web blogging serice which uses email posting option because I can add other services on this template by using CC email.

Create a new Task in Toodledo (not yet supported in Zapier) for each new Evernote Reminder

Email yourself something to an Evernote, queue, with tag ##q.

Making a smart inbox in will let you deal with the queue from Mail. Because it's in Evernote it's available there too.

An improvement could be made, to add the url to the note in Evernote.

Send evernote new evernote tasks in a particular notebook to ToDoIst, complete with url and due date.

Creates a backup of new Evernote notes in my email. Use email filters if you want to archive the email immediately.

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