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About BitBucket

Bitbucket is a popular hosted source control system that uses both mercurial and git behind the scenes.

About Trello

Trello is team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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Start With a Popular Zap

Convert BitBucket issues into Trello cards for better triage, checklisting and voting abilities.

Create a new Trello for Board for your BitBucket Repo. Easy way to manage your issue

It offer my track list of issues at bitckecket and send it for me trello project managemant system.

When an issue is moved to particular column in Trello, that issue is duplicated in Bitbucket

This creates Bitbucket Issues when you create a new Card on Trello Board

Cada vez que registro un error en trello, lo agrega a la lista de incidencias de bitbucket

I want to create a simple bug tracker using Trello but want to to appear in Bit Bucket

Sharing data between the services we love. DRY for product management!

I an sync issues between my BitBucket repository and Trello

Every bug that is reported on BitBucket will be displayed on the To Do list from Tello in that way everyone of the team will be able to see the issues without the necessity of being on BitBucket all the time.

When an issue is created in Bitbucket, it creates a Trello card of that issue.

Sends all issues from bitbucket to Trello on specific board and list and we can use trello as issues board

Allows us to see our Bitucket commits on our Trello page, allowing us to manage our whole project from one page.

It sync my issues on Bitbucket with my project management in Trello

If you like to work with Kanban method, this is the Zap for you

When a new issue is created on Bitbucket a new card is created in Trello.

Creates a new Trello board when you create a Bitbucket repo.

A Zap to create a comment on a trello card when a new commit is triggered.

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