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Easily capture new leads and be notified when it happens.
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Zapier’s Lead Capture Template lets you create and customize lead capture forms that you can either embed on your website or share as a public link on a landing page. Collect essential information such as first names, last names, email addresses, and additional notes from your prospective clients with ease. All of the data collected from the form is then seamlessly stored in a Zapier Table to keep all of your lead management information in one place.

The template consists of two simple landing pages (via Zapier Interfaces), one datasheet (via Zapier Tables), and one automated workflow (via Zaps).

Feature-Rich Customization

The two landing pages, which include a 'Contact Us' and ‘Thank You’ page, can be customized by selecting the type of data you want to capture - from simple text fields to date pickers to custom branding and even file uploads. The customization options are limitless!

Instant Notifications

Once the form is submitted, you’ll receive an email notification alerting you to the new lead. All of the lead data will be organized in a Zapier Table, ready for you to take action.

A Connected Zap for Seamless Communication

An automated workflow, or Zap, helps to monitor your form submissions. When a new lead fills in the form, the Zap triggers an email with a link to the Zapier table where you can see all the responses. This makes it incredibly easy for you to reach out to the new leads.

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