Using Your Zapier Task History

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Using Your Zapier Task History

Custom Filters are helpful for controlling if and when your Zaps trigger. But what if you want to see which of your Zaps already triggered?

That's where Zapier's Task History comes into play. You can use it to see which Zaps have been triggered, when they triggered, and whether or not they were successful. You can even replay Zaps that ran into errors, or Zaps that were stopped by one of your filters.

Find the Task History

You can find a summary of your Task History on the Zapier Dashboard. Just click on the "See all" link to view a summary of every Zap that's been triggered.

Filter the Task History

On the main Task History page, there are three ways to narrow in on specific tasks: by Zaps, by status, or by search term.

Searching by Zap lets you see all of the tasks for any one of your Zaps. This is helpful when you're trying to troubleshoot a specific Zap, or test out a new filter.

Searching by status lets you see tasks that were run successfully, ignored because of a custom filter, or stopped because of an error. If you're trying to figure out why one of your Zaps isn't working, this is a great place to start.

Using a search term is useful for people who have a lot of Zaps running—it returns results for any phrase that you type into the search box. For example, if I wanted to see all of my tasks that involved Google Docs, I'd just type "Google Docs" in the search box.

You can also search for information inside of specific tasks. For example, you could search for "Mike Knoop" to find the task that didn't send the contact information for Mike correctly.

Replay Tasks

If you see a task that was muted because of either a Custom Filter or an error with the Zap, you can replay it from your Task History. Just click the "Replay" button, and Zapier will try to send your Trigger data to your Action app again; if the Zap was stopped by a Custom Filter, the Zap will replay without the filter.

Check the Task History for a Specific Zap

Here's a shortcut to end on: To see the task history for a specific Zap, head to your dashboard, click on the dropdown arrow next to the Zap you want to view, and choose "History" from the menu.

Explore Your Task History

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