Using Custom Filters to Control Your Zaps

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Using Custom Filters to Control Your Zaps

Now that you understand how the Zap Editor works, let's look at one of Zapier's more advanced features: Custom Filters. Custom Filters let you further control when your Zaps are triggered.

Custom Filters: The Basics

You can set up Custom Filters on the Trigger step of any Zap. In this example, we're working with a Zap that sends an email notification whenever a new post is published on the Zapier blog.

For example, maybe you're especially interested in Google Docs, and you only want posts that contain tips about Google Docs to end up in your inbox. That's where Custom Filters come in.

To make sure we only get email alerts for blog posts about Google Docs, we can set up a Custom Filter that only triggers when the post's body text contains the phrase "Google Docs."

Simply choose "Description" from the Field menu, "Text (contains)" from the Condition menu, and type "Google Docs" in the Value text box. That's it! Now you'll only get emails when a Zapier blog post contains the phrase "Google Docs."

Every Trigger app has different fields that you can filter on, so check them out for your favorite apps.

You don't need to stop at one Filter, either—Zapier lets you use as many as you need. There are two types: "AND" Filters and "OR" Filters.

"AND" Filters

"AND" Filters place more than one condition on your Trigger; a Zap will only trigger if all conditions are met.

In the example above, the Zap will only trigger if the blog post contains the phrase "Google Docs," AND does not contain the phrase "you won't believe" (we're not fans of sensationalized copy).

"OR" Filters

"OR" Filters will trigger your Zap on any of the listed conditions: e.g. either this condition is met, or that one is.

In the example above, the Zap will trigger if the blog post contains the phrase "Google Docs," OR if it contains the phrase "Google Sheets."

Build a Zap With Filters

Or, try it with an existing Zap.

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