Speak at ZapConnect 2022

Thank you for your interest in speaking at ZapConnect! Applications are now closed, but we hope you'll join us at the event on October 20, 2022.
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What is ZapConnect 2022?

ZapConnect is our annual user conference. This year, we're focusing on how automation empowers our users to move forward, faster.

Automate today. Accelerate tomorrow.

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Who should apply?

We're looking for strong public speakers with a deep understanding of the Zapier product and compelling use cases. Speakers will prepare a pre-recorded session and must be available to participate in a live, chat-based Q&A during their session on October 20, 2022.

What can I submit?

This year, all ZapConnect programming will fit into four tracks. Check out the track descriptions to see the kinds of sessions we're looking for!


This track walks new users through exploring key Zapier features, building their first automated workflow, and troubleshooting Zaps that go wrong.


This track takes a deeper look at advanced automation skills and Zapier features like conditional logic, webhooks, and multi-Zap systems.


This track explores how Zapier can power critical processes like approvals and data analysis—plus how to set up user permissions, document Zaps, and roll out Zapier across an org.


This track walks through popular marketing and sales workflows and explores how Zapier can help users find, nurture, and win more customers—with less chaos.

What fits

• Zapier basics

• 2-app Zaps

• Template walk-throughs

What fits

Webhooks and code steps

Zap systems with 4+ Zaps

More complex build-alongs

What fits

Implementation tips

Administrative features

Cross-functional workflows

What fits

Lead management Zaps

Marketing and sales app highlights

Case studies

What doesn't

• Complex build-alongs

• Webhooks or code steps

Things that can't be done with Zapier

• Inspo-only content

What doesn't

Zapier basics

Things that can't be done with Zapier

Inspo-only content

What doesn't


Sales- or marketing-focused Zaps 

Things that can't be done with Zapier

What doesn't

1:1 interviews

Things that can't be done with Zapier


The fine print

If you're interested in being a ZapConnect speaker, please review these requirements and other information to make sure it's a good fit for you!

Basic requirements

  • While this is an unpaid opportunity, many past ZapConnect speakers have enjoyed highlighting their participation in our event.
  • While your session presentation will be pre-recorded, you must be available to participate in a live chat-based Q&A during your ZapConnect session on October 20, 2022.
  • You will need to agree to Zapier's standard speaker agreement, which memorializes these requirements and some additional terms.
  • All applicants must be 18+ years old at the time of entry.

Your content

  • You must own your content and have the right to share it with Zapier. You agree that Zapier will have the right to use any submitted content.
  • As we're looking to create a safe and inclusive environment, your content can't contain any non-public information, profane/derogatory language, or anything else offensive.
  • We will be selecting ZapConnect speakers based on proposal idea, synergy with our event theme, and how the speaker will otherwise contribute to ZapConnect and our mission. Please note that ZapConnect sessions are an opportunity to share information and insights that will benefit the automation community. Therefore, we’re not able to consider presentations focused on self-promotion.
  • Changes to your content must be pre-approved by Zapier to ensure continued alignment with our mission. If your changes aren't a good fit for ZapConnect, we may need to reject them or cancel your session.


  • If your proposal is selected for ZapConnect, we will send you an acceptance email no later than June 28.
  • Once we have confirmed a speaker and their session content, we will add their session to our ZapConnect agenda and the speaker to our ZapConnect speaker page for launch.