Contributed Content Manager

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / January 9, 2018

Hi there!

We're looking for an experienced editor to take charge of growing contributed content to our marketing properties. The Contributed Content Manager, a new role at Zapier, will recruit and vet writers (guests and paid freelancers), assign and approve topics, edit drafts, and promote published work. You'll also own the budget, tools, and processes that enable a rapid growth in content production. Interested in joining a team that's on a mission to make everyone more productive at work? Then read on…

We know applying for and taking on a new a job at any company requires a leap of faith. We want you to feel comfortable and excited to apply at Zapier. To help share a bit more about life at Zapier, here are a few resources in addition to the job description that can give you an inside look at what life is like at Zapier. We hope you'll take the leap of faith and apply.

Zapier is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce.

Even though our job description may seem like we're looking for a specific candidate, the role inevitably ends up tailored to the person who applies and joins. Regardless of how well you feel you fit our description, we encourage you to apply if you meet these criteria:

You love working with writers to create their best work, setting and executing a plan to reach ambitious traffic goals, and constantly evolving processes to be efficient.

About You

You're an effective freelance manager. This isn't your first go at managing freelancers—you have this down. You don't just work with freelancers, you treat them as your team and grow their skills and careers through setting goals, reviewing results, and giving feedback. You also have knack for finding and recruiting top freelancers, a task you make time for weekly.

You're an Oxford comma advocate. Or you're not. Either way, you have an opinion on the matter since you're a stickler for strong grammar, style, and punctuation in writing. Editing is one of your greatest strengths.

You're a skilled writer. Although authoring content won't be your main responsibility, everyone on the editorial team contributes with written work.

You're a tech enthusiast. Work apps are core to Zapier's product and content marketing. Knowledge of today's many tools for professionals will help you thrive in this role—equally, a penchant for research and an eagerness to learn about these apps is key.

You're a proficient online marketer. You know how to drive traffic to a site through channels such as search, social, email, and partnerships. You're comfortable in Google Analytics and follow SEO best practices.

You're a fearless promoter. After a piece goes live, you have a plan to promote it through influencer outreach, news pitches, online communities, partners and more.

You're organized. Deadlines, editorial schedules, editing workflows—these items are music to your ears.

You're efficient. At Zapier, the work you do will have a disproportionate impact on the business. We believe in systems and processes that let us scale our impact to be larger than ourselves.

Things You Might Do

Zapier is a small, fast-growing, and remote-first company, so you'll likely get experience on many different projects across the organization. That said, here are some things you'll probably do:

  • Recruit paid freelance writers and guest authors
  • Develop the Zapier freelancer program, including onboarding guides, contracts, budget and fees, and workflows
  • Edit and promote contributors' work
  • Earn and orchestrate placement of freelancer content on Zapier partner blogs and media sites
  • Write for the Zapier Blog, Learning Center, app directory, and elsewhere
  • As part of our All Hands Support initiative, help customers have the best possible experience with Zapier

About Zapier

For the past six years, Zapier has been helping people across the world automate the boring and tedious parts of their job. We do that by helping everyone connect the web applications they already use and love.

We believe that there are jobs a computer is best at doing and that there are jobs a human is best at doing. We want to empower businesses to create processes and systems that let computers do what they are best at doing and let humans do what they are best at doing.

We believe that with the right tools, you can have big impact with less hassle.

We believe in small teams. Small teams are fast and nimble. Small teams mean less bureaucracy and less management and more getting things done.

We believe in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. All teammates at Zapier agree to a code of conduct.

The Whole Package

Location: Planet Earth.

If you want to work remote, that's great. If you want to work near others, that's cool too. Our team of 100+ is distributed because it lets us work with the best people. You don't have to be located in the USA either. Some team members live in the United Kingdom, Thailand, India, Nigeria, Taiwan, Guatemala, New Zealand, Australia, and more! You just need the skills and drive to succeed in this role and the ability to work from anywhere.


  • Competitive salary (we don't use remote as an excuse to pay less)
  • Great healthcare + dental + vision coverage*
  • Retirement plan with 4% company match*
  • Profit sharing
  • 2 annual company retreats to awesome places
  • 14 weeks paid leave for new parents

Pick your own equipment. We'll set you up with whatever Apple laptop + monitor combo you want plus any software you need.

Unlimited vacation policy. Plus we require you to take at least 2 weeks off each year. We see most employees take 4-5 weeks off per year. This isn't a vague policy where unlimited vacation means no vacation.

Work with awesome companies around the world. We partner with great software companies all over the world and you'll constantly get to interact with people from these great companies.

*While we take care of our international folks as best we can, currently, healthcare and retirement plans are only available to US-based employees.

How to Apply

We have a non-standard application process. To jump-start the process we ask a few questions we normally would ask at the start of an interview. This helps speed up the process and lets us get to know you a bit better right out of the gate. Please make sure to answer each question.

Complete this form with answers to the questions below. Make sure each answer stands alone as we review question-by-question instead of applicant-by-applicant.

  1. Why will you be a good fit for this role?
  2. Why does Zapier's content marketing resonate with you? How does it line up with your interests and experience?
  3. How many freelancers have you directly recruited in your career (not including inbound candidates)? What's the largest number of freelancers you've managed at one time in your career?
  4. Tell us about the volume of content creation you've overseen or written in your career, noting both low and high levels (also note average word count of pieces published). When overseen, how much of this production happened in-house versus outsourced? Link to any relevant sites.
  5. Based on your experience, tell us the hardest part of managing freelancers. What approach or approaches have you taken to address this challenge? Tell us the outcome.
  6. Share links to your two favorite published pieces that were soley edited by you. For each, provide a brief description of how you shaped the piece, promoted it, and how it performed.
  7. Where did you hear about this role?
  8. What time zone are you located in?
  9. Optional: Share anonymously some demographic information about yourself to help us better track trends related to the backgrounds of candidates interested in working at Zapier in order for us to build a team that represents the users at Zapier and the broader world population.

Finally, wait for us to reply! You are going to hear back from us, even if we don't seem like a good fit. In fact, throughout the process, we strive to make sure you never go more than seven days without hearing from us.

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Zapier is an equal opportunity employer. We're excited to work with talented and empathetic people no matter their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, or age. Our code of conduct provides a beacon for the kind of company we strive to be and we celebrate our differences because those differences are what allow us to make a product that serves a global user base.