A Zap is a specific link between two services you've connected on Zapier. For example, New Salesforce Contacts to Add Mailchimp Subscriber would be an example of a Zap. If you wanted to move those same Salesforce contacts to an additional Mailchimp account or an additional Mailchimp list, that would be a second Zap. You can see all your Zaps from your Dashboard.

Zap in Dashboard

A Zap can be in one of three states: Draft, Off, or On.

Draft Zaps#

Draft Zaps are incomplete, missing data that is necessary for them to be turned On. Click that Zap from the dashboard to enter that Zap and make the changes necessary to complete it.

Draft Zap

Off Zaps#

Off Zaps are Zaps that can possibly be turned On, but are not currently checking for new data or performing tasks. To make a Off Zap On, click the On/Off switch on the right of that Zap in the dashboard. To edit the Zap, click anywhere else on that Zap.

Conditions where Zaps are Automatically Turned Off#

  • Your trial ends or you downgrade to a plan that doesn't support premium apps and your Zap involves 1 or more premium applications.
  • We receive multiple errors everytime the Zap tries to run. We will notify you via email if this happens.

Off Zap

On Zaps#

On Zaps are checking for new data, and performing the action when the trigger is met. On Zaps only see data that has come across since the Zap was On. This means that while a Zap is Off, any data that comes in will not be recognized when the Zap is turned On again. To edit the Zap, click it from the dashboard.

On Zap