Zap Creation#

Creating a Zap#

Guide to Creating Zaps
Walks through each step of the Zap creation process.

Working with Files
Working with files like attachments, or moving between Dropbox, Google Drive, etc? Check this out for more details.


How do Filters work?
Filters can be used to stop some of the new items that would otherwise trigger your Zap.

Filtering for certain days/times
How to use filters to only trigger when the new item has a specific day or time.

Using Filters and multiple Zaps to get multiple outcomes
Want to do X when the trigger has A, but need to do Y when the trigger has B? This process has you covered.

Using Filters to fix Empty field values
Getting errors for a required field being empty? A filter can potentially help with that.

Advanced Options#

Named Variables
Extract multiple values from a single field when it has our named variable formatting.

Modifying Datetimes
Add a timestamp or add/subtract time from an existing date/time in your Zap

Zapier Email Parser - Extract data from automated emails
Forward automated emails to our email parser to get many fields of data to use in a Zap

Delaying Zaps
Lets you delay an action of a zap by a certain amount of time, or delay an action of a zap until a certain date/time.

Using custom values in a dropdown in Step 5
Sometimes we can use typed in values or even trigger fields instead of the options in a dropdown.

Errors/Zap Problems#

Troubleshooting Your Zaps
Getting an error? Try the steps here.

Common Problems with Zaps
Most Zap problems fit into these categories, check them out first.

I can't load any sample data!
This link covers the common causes for no sample data loading and how to fix that problem.