Working with Files#

What do you mean by File?#

When we reference files on Zapier, we mean the actual file object, and not a text field describing the file. For example, a file would be a photo itself, a field describing that file might be the Name, or the URL for that photo.

These guidelines are generally applicable to all apps that support files. For any details specific to a app, check that app's documentation.

Pulling files from the Trigger#

File placeholders are usually identified as "file" or "attachment" when mapping fields in the action.

File fields

You can only place these file placeholders where there the action app will accept a file object. Those fields contain a document icon for easy reference.

Document icon

Placing a file in the action#

When the action of your zap involves creating or copying a file object, you have two options:

  • You can include a file object from the trigger

File object to File object

  • You can include regular text from the trigger. This will result in a text file being created with the data from those fields.

Note: This may result in an error for some apps. We can't guarantee that every app will accept that input as a text field.

Text to file object