Using Filters to fix Empty field values#

Here's an example of when you may want to use multiple zaps and filters to get around a Required field. Let's say I have a zap that sends new Google Contacts to Salesforce as Leads. Salesforce requires a Company name, but sometimes my Google Contacts won't have a company name, and I'm okay with that. To help get around that, I'll set up two zaps:

  • In my first zap, I set up a filter so that the zap only continues to the next step when there is a company in Google Contacts. Because of that, I map the Company field across when setting up the action.

Zap 1 Zap 1

  • In my second zap, I just copy my first zap and make two changes: I change the filter condition to "Does not Exist", and manually enter in a default company name since there won't be one in Google Contacts.

Zap 2 Zap 2

The end result is that when I have a company name from Google Contacts to send to Salesforce, it gets sent across. When I don't, a generic dummy name is used instead to avoid errors.